📋 SCP-3211 — There Is No Canon
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Item Number: SCP-3211

There is No Canon

Object Class: Euclid

Unlike normal, this declassified's gonna be shorter and sweeter. Bringin' it back to the good ol' days. It should be of note, though, that major spoilers lie ahead, and this SCP is very cool first viewing around, so check it out first.

So, what's the deal with SCP-3211? When we load it up, we get this large sign telling us that it's an infohazard and we need Level 4 clearance to access it. Cool, we've got level 4 clearance. We enter the article and there's a timer. The first line of the containment procedures is telling us that we have six minutes to read the entire article. Weird.

So, we learn that this SCP has a very specific effect- prior to 6 minutes expiring, subjects are able to completely view SCP-3211, but once 6 minutes are up, the reader forgets what they saw and instead reports something entirely different. Notes taken aren't able to be perceived, and all records are inconsistent. That's odd.

The experiment logs are pretty short. The first one states SCP-3211's effects like you would expect, and the second is just as consistent. The third collapsible is just a description of the object. The table just confirms regular old information about it, like you'd basically normally expect, minors some minor things. All in all, it seems like a fairly regular anomaly.

And then comes Mister Dr. Jason Greaves.

So, Mister Doctor Jason over here decides to be a good ol' chap and fill himself up with some good ol' Class-Y Mnestics. What's a mnestic you ask? Well here's a definition for ya:

Drug that restores/enhances memory or blocks antimemetic effects. Comes in a variety of strengths.

Class-Ys, though, we have no idea how strong they are or what they exactly do, and where to get em since they're decommisioned. So, it's most likely this guy's getting them illegally or he's really determined. Either way, he got some, and now he's walked into SCP-3211's chamber.

So, Jason tells us that SCP-3211 is, well, SCP-3211, like it says in the documentation. However, he says, if we're not jacked up on Class-Ys like he is, then we'll just remember him rambling on about some random thing, and once 6 minutes pass, he'll talk about how it's empty. Thus, we can assume, we're on Class-Ys as well.

Jason starts telling us that people who walk into the chamber and expect it to be something anomalous will see it as something anomalous, and people not exposed to the anomalous will see it as something mundane. "It looks like it adapts to match the viewer's expectation."

Then, Jason narrows it down to three stages: One, you perceive it as it really is, which is the stage you're in now. Two, it replaces the memory with something else. Three, you forget it exists entirely. Jason claims he knows the reason SCP-3211 is hiding, but can’t write it down due to his foggy head.

There's bugs everywhere, covering every surface. They're crawling all over her, too.

Antimemetics Division reference, if you couldn't tell.

Jason eventually starts reminiscing about his son and saying he's gonna die and shit, and then falls asleep. Someone rescues him once they notice from the camera that he's on the ground.

Well, that's a nice story. Wish there was more to i-

…The timer's run out.

So, you've probably noticed that throughout the declassified I've specifically avoided saying what SCP-3211 actually is. That's because what you read isn't what everyone else read- there are multiple randomized pages. You've read one version of the document out of four. Why? Let’s continue.

SCP-3211 is an unknown object, entity or concept.

Well, as it turns out, once people finish reading SCP-3211 and the 6 minutes are up, their memories are replaced with something random. Most of the time, the memories are inconsistent. Some examples of things people remember include: A red cube, the color puce, a dead pidgeon, and a woman named Nerozumím.

Wait, doesn’t that sound familiar? One of those four things is the article you just read! Congratulations, your memory's been wiped and replaced with one of those!

You'll notice that the description of SCP-3211 in the third collapsible states that the room SCP-3211 is in is empty. Don't be fooled- that's just the post-3211 exposure playing tricks on you. The same goes for the data table- it's now reporting that there's nothing there at all.

Oh, remember Dr. Jason? Yea, turns out he was right. Also, we're actually not on Class-Ys. Sorry for lying. You'll also recall that Jason mentioned that after 6 minutes we'll just read about him saying the chamber is empty. And guess what- that's what he's saying! There's nothing there at all! Clearly, though, this is just the antimemetic anomaly telling us its not there- in reality, we know exactly what's lying inside that chamber. We simply can't remember.

And that just goes to show, there really is no canon.

TL;DR, what just happened?

  • SCP-3211 is an antimemetic anomaly. When you view it or view information about it, you can recall it for up to 6 minutes.
  • Once 6 minutes have passed, SCP-3211 implants fake memories over your real ones, and thus you remember something completely irrelevant to SCP-3211. You then perceive that SCP-3211 does not exist.
  • Doctor Jason decides to inject himself with Class-Y Mnestics, allowing him to remember SCP-3211 in its true form. However, once he figures out what it is, the Class-Ys start wearing off, and thus he collapses.
  • The original document to SCP-3211 you read was a figment of your imagination, and SCP-3211's cloaking ability.

Link: SCP-3211: There is No Canon

Written By: YossiLeiner does not match any existing user name, u/yossipossi

Date Published: April 24, 2018

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