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"Give SCP-3265 your all. It can be all that you want it to be."

SCP-3265 by DmatixDmatix (posted March 21, 2018)

Object Class: Whatever you want it to be, really. You're in charge here.

…that's one hell of an object class to begin with, isn't it?

From a cursory glance at this SCP, it's immediately obvious that this is a conceptual anomaly - not only that, but an informational one. It affects its own documentation. It lives in its own documentation. This page you're reading now is SCP-3265. This curious object class also foreshadows the idea of malleability: this concept depends very much on the mind of others.

We're examining this SCP first from an in-universe perspective.

Special Containment Procedures: You can think about these later. You know everyone reading these abbreviated reports skips them anyway. You're the one in charge here, baby! No one would even notice. You know what to do with SCP-3265, yeah? SCP-3265 is all you after all, doll. Get to the good stuff, yeah?

That got meta real fast. SCP-3265 knows you want to skip past the containment procedures—you can think about them later. No, SCP-3265 wants to get to the good stuff. And that good stuff is being described. SCP-3265 wants you to control it; and it will happily follow anything you desire. So just skip the containment procedures, it says. Get to the description. But why?

You're being seduced by a goddamn SCP article, that's why.

You will notice (hell, the tags spell it all out) there's a sexual undercurrent to all of the text in this article. There are various sexual innuendoes and references to the act throughout, and the general tone is very sweet, seductive, and tempting. Whatever this thing is, it wants to get with you. The SCP is quite literally talking to you, flirting with you, using you.

And of course, easily seduced readers that you are, you keep reading. You know you want to. That's the key: you want to know what SCP-3265 is. And 3265 will show you, if you just follow them. Trust them. You wouldn't doubt such a pretty face.

Description: SCP-3265 is… how would you describe SCP-3265? Not an easy thing to do, really. Not just anyone could do it. I mean, anyone could do it and basically everyone did at one point, but just describing SCP-3265 ain't exactly like describing it well, dig? That's why it's you in charge, yeah? You can do it like no one else can.

"You can do it like no one else can" and the general idea of "you being in charge" are references to having sex.

But here's where it gets interesting, from a story point of view. You come here expecting to find out what is going on with 3265, and instead the article tells you — it's up to you! "Basically everyone did at one point" implies this entity has had a long history and maybe has carried this seduction process out on other Foundation personnel before.

SCP-3265 wants to be anything you want it to be. It's a chameleon of a sentient concept, trying to get what it want, by trying to please the mind of the person that is reading/fucking (a dichotomy I thought I would never see) it.

The description continues with SCP-3265 asking us what we want it to be. It gives us a whole array of options to choose from - the most interesting, thought-provoking, and enjoyable kinds of stories it can be. "A stone behemoth, size of a building, a skyscraper, a continent or three," or "Quivering, pulsating masses of limbs" or even the concept of a lazy afternoon nap made physically manifest.

Here, SCP-3265 is going through a wide series of SCP tropes, the ones that tend to attract the most interest and attention. From behemoths and eldritch abominations, to forgotten empires, to metaphysical concepts, to humanoids and characters.

They have that special thing about them, that's a given- that jagged scar from their battle with that thing with the lights, or maybe they fell in love with someone or something strange and wonderful. Maybe they're dead and haven't figured it out yet.

At this point, your idea begins to solidify. Yes, that is a dirty joke. Yes, it's intentional in the article. Let's move on.

You now know what SCP-3265 is. You have a good idea in your head. And that's what 3265 ultimately wants. It goes through this process on the reader of its file, trying to figure out what that particular person will crystallize an idea for. It wants you to come up with something to fill in the blank. Because 3265 is ultimately just a blank that wants so badly to be filled ifyouknowwhatImean

And when you find something to fill the blank, you solidify 3265 as something concrete for just that moment. And, from what I can tell, that's a hell of an experience for it. Quite…climactic.

Your SCP-3265, it's like nothing that I've ever seen, like nothing any of us have ever seen. Hear its colors, smell that sweet music it makes. How do you even keep it all inside anymore? Aren't you full to the bursting with it? It's alright, babe. Let it out. Let us see it.

The concept can now be detailed in every one of your senses. And SCP-3265 wants to experience all of it. They want to see your idea, feel your idea, smell it, taste it, touch it. In some form, experiencing it seems to be a form of completion for them—perhaps the entity gets nourishment from your brainstorming, or some other kind of pleasurable event.

In other words, inhabiting this SCP file is basically a kind of conceptual succubus. It lures you in and makes you want to read further, go deeper, by telling you SCP-3265 could be whatever you want it to be. It then brings you through a process of brainstorming that it experiences as sexual intercourse where you slowly come up with something new for it to exist as. (From an even more in-universe justification, SCP-3265 might be taking the expectations or memories of how researchers conceptualize the idea of the anomalous.) Once the idea crystallizes and both you and SCP-3265 reach "completion", the entity takes all of the ideation and sensation you have created.

Was it good for you like it was for us?

And now, for a meta perspective.

You will notice that in a way SCP-3265 is a complete and utter subversion of content and writing in an SCP. All of the things that the entity listed — eldritch entities or concepts or histories or characters — they are plainly not there. The work of SCP-3265 is to present you with literally nothing as an SCP, and even mock you for reading it still.

In fact, instead of getting to read an SCP, as you might expect, you walk away feeling empty and even violated. Even though the "conceptual succubus" might not be really there, Dmatix has written it so that you basically go through the same mental rollercoaster as an in-universe reader would.

The SCP takes advantage of you and scams you out of the story, forcing you to make one yourself. And the most brilliant part is that it makes that point very intentional and clear. It's the very point of the SCP to give you nothing and take instead. The entity and the actual work in the meta sense are one and the same. Both straight-up serve nothing to you, well-dressed on a silver platter. It doesn't need to justify itself. That is the very point of its existence.

Final point: you can also examine SCP-3265 from the perspective of a writer; a 3999-style exploration of the creation process. Imagine SCP-3265, here, as a little demon that sits on the shoulder of the writer. The writer is trying to come up with ideas, and they know that once one is successfully visualized and written, it will be the culmination of all they are working towards. And throughout, the writer is searching for that perfect idea. Lots of meta references to reading and writing SCPs abound here: the text makes a joke about how you always skip the containment procedures anyway, for example. All the examples of different SCP tropes are all the different ideas the aspiring SCP author is trying out, figuring out which one they will write.

You'll want to see it again and again in all sorts of strange scenarios and hair-rising adventures. You can make SCP-3265 a household name around here. It'll make you bigger than big. Just make it big, doll. Make it the best that ever was.

The author is thinking about the potential for sequels or series of their character. The author considers that their SCP could be popular! It could be a blockbuster! It could make them the next big thing, the new author celebrity.

But for now: what can SCP-3265 be?

TL;DR Thought thot.

Link: SCP-3265: It's Good

Written By: ModulumModulum, u/modulum83

Date Published: March 18, 2019

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