📋 SCP-3626 — Do not stop reading this document
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Item Number: SCP-3626

Do not stop reading this document

Object Class: Keter


Do Not Stop Reading This Document

Do not stop reading this declassified. At any cost, finish this declassified before doing anything else at all.

SCP-3626's containment procedures are exactly the same: Do Not Stop Reading. If you stop reading, something bad happens. What is it? Wait and see. Also, watch the image. When it becomes distorted enough to be unrecognizable, forward this email to another Foundation employee. Why? You'll see.

Description: SCP-36261 is the message you are currently reading.

Footnote 1: Hello.

The SCP can talk to us through blue text. So the thing is sentient, good to know. Also, the email itself is the anomaly. When you read it, you get transported to a pocket dimension, and if you look away from your screen, you'll suffer traumatic hallucinations. You can't escape the room you're in and no one will know what happens to you if you try and escape. That's why you can't look away and Do Not Stop Reading.


Do Not Stop Reading This Document

Oh, the image has changed.

But don't worry. There's a way out- forward the email to someone else, and you'll be set free. The anomaly has an antimemetic effect once you forward it, so you won't remember that you were in its grasp once it's gone- making SCP-3626 completely undetectable. If you don't forward it, well, no idea what'll happen. Do Not Stop Reading.

There's an attachment of the original message, stating that there's a monster that is trying to escape- either you stay and let it take you, or you pass the cage to someone else. No one has passed the "distortion point" where the monster gets you, though, so we don't know what it does. Do Not Stop Reading.


Do Not Stop Reading This Document

Getting closer now.

There's a list of people who have received SCP-3626, and the one on the last bullet point is the one who forwarded it to you. (Fuck you, Doctor Winter). You add your name to the list.

There's a note from the original receiver, telling us a meaningful message about courage and helping others. I recommend the read, but we don't have time for that now, because You Cannot Stop Reading This Document.


And we've reached the distortion point.

You have arrived at the end of this document. You can choose to forward the message now.

Forward message? Y/N


A moment of hesitation comes as you press the key,

What horrors await beyond the veil?

What lurks just outside the event horizon?

A single message flashes across the screen:

Well done


Okay, so, open the next collapsible. There's another SCP document, but this time, its safe, and described a laptop running Windows Vista. When you use it, you get sent back to the pocket dimension, but this time it's a black plane with a wall in it. You can go back at any time, too.

There is text on the wall which reads:

Congratulations! Your universe has completed the survey successfully. Your result is █████ individual beings taking the test before the cycle was broken.

Your universe's current rank is ████

Better luck next time!

Research by: Ministry of Extra-Planar Sociological Research

So what the hell is going on?

Well, if you couldn't figure out, there was no "monster" to begin with, nor "cage". The entire SCP was a social experiment by extra-dimensional beings to test lower-dimensional ones. We're also one of the worst at it.


The SCP itself plays off of earlier creepypastas, most notably Smile Dog. The entity in the creepypasta is very similar to this SCP, in which once you see the picture of it, you're infected. It haunts your dreams every night and causes you to go restless, sometimes affecting the waking world. The only way to stop it is to "spread the word", but the main protagonist debates whether it'll actually cease once she does so. Unlike the creepypasta, this SCP ends happily, and in a semi-goofy manner as well.


Link: SCP-3626: Do not stop reading this document

Written By: YossiLeiner does not match any existing user name, u/yossipossi

Date Published: June 3, 2018

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