SCP-3680: The White Guys

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gaycopmp4: hey potato
Kektagon: hey potes
lesbian_gengar: so we got in gthe back of the van and there’s three dudes already there, just, like, sitting there
lesbian_gengar: oh hey ptato
GhettoPotato: yo
GhettoPotato: guys I finally fucking got off my ass and made something
lesbian_gengar: and we didn’t expect anyone to be there so it was super weird, y’know?
GhettoPotato: oh sorry I didn’t know you were telling a story
lesbian_gengar: no I mean
lesbian_gengar: its fine
lesbian_gengar: what did uyou make
GhettoPotato: well you know how in my school the Juniors are all douchebags
Kektagon: yeah
gaycopmp4: no but go on
GhettoPotato: well I have a class w/ them first block tomorrow
GhettoPotato: so I’m putting up a poster next to thier lockers that i made thatll make them piss themselves
gaycopmp4: i mean
gaycopmp4: no points for creativity
gaycopmp4: but I guess itll embarrass them
GhettoPotato: no not like they’ll literally piss themselves
GhettoPotato: but that’s way better
GhettoPotato: fuck
GhettoPotato: i shouldve thought of that
gaycopmp4: what does it do them?
GhettoPotato: like theyll be so scared that they’ll figuratively piss themselves.
Kektagon: oh
Kektagon: that’s much more original i suppose
lesbian_gengar: so, like, how does it scare them?
GhettoPotato: if a person touches the poster then they get these scary halluciantions
GhettoPotato: and they are of the guys that I drew on the poster
GhettoPotato: and the guys will just kind of walk around the room and be cool enough but its less about jumpscares and more about just unnerving them so they get super creeped out and embarrass themselves in front of half the class
lesbian_gengar: how long do the hallucinations last? like five or seven minutes?
GhettoPotato: 45 minutes
gaycopmp4: christ don’t you think that’s excessive
GhettoPotato: i mean
GhettoPotato: maybe?
GhettoPotato: i guess it’s too late now i’m not changing it, plus all my friends are coming in tomorrow to the class I have with the juniors for a presentation theyre doing so i want them to see it
lesbian_gengar: can we see pics of the poster?
Kektagon: yeah true I wanna see that shit
gaycopmp4: same tbh
GhettoPotato: here it is:████████████

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GhettoPotato: is it good? I tried to make it like, surreal and shit
GhettoPotato: the dudes omn the poster are the guys that they see
GhettoPotato: the guys don’t really do much just kinda creep around the room
GhettoPotato: hopefully it makes the juniors scared
lesbian_gengar: I like the artwork
gaycopmp4: yeah same
Kektagon: yo I hope it works out for you dude
gaycopmp4: yeah same
lesbian_gengar: yeah same
GhettoPotato: yeah same
GhettoPotato: anyway
GhettoPotato: i need to get off my mom is yelling at me its like 11 pm here
GhettoPotato: goodnight
Kektagon: good night
lesbian_gengar: gn

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