📋 SCP-3999 — I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me
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So, let's talk 3999. It is, in my opinion, one of the greatest - but also one of the most confusing - works on the site. It appears to be nonsense, but don't be fooled; dream logic flows through this, both meta and in-universe, tying this whole thing together into an exposition both on identity and self, as well as a horrifying parable about one man and his crumbling reality.

Research Talloran is the center of this piece. Take a moment to get that in your head.

Let's start, as we always do, at the end:

At the bottom of SCP-3999's containment chamber, the corpse of Level 3 Researcher James Talloran was found. Researcher Talloran had disappeared almost directly following reassignment to Site 118. A Foundation-assigned cell phone was found on his body, containing only a piece of text resembling a containment procedure for SCP-3999, but with many stylistic deviations and nonsensical procedures as well as [REDACTED] information concerning the nature of the Foundation. From it, it has been determined that Researcher Talloran was assigned to SCP-3999, SCP-3999 had significant reality warping properties, it breached containment at some point and caused either a CK-class reality-restructuring event or a ZK-class end-of-reality event, and it was successfully terminated by Researcher Talloran at the cost of his own life, reversing said event.

So here's what we know:

  • 3999 is a powerful reality-bending entity, that caused a reality restructure/failure.
  • Researcher Talloran killed 3999 by killing himself.
  • This line of text: "a piece of text resembling a containment procedure for SCP-3999, but with many stylistic deviations and nonsensical procedures" Sound familiar?
SCP-3999 - a reality-bending god, defying description and motive, utter void and chaos itself - escaped containment. It then destroyed everything, and remade the universe, wiping out everything except itself - and Researcher Talloran. For 3 million years, SCP-3999 subjected Talloran to surrealist, maddening nonsensical "containment procedures" as Talloran watched and submitted himself to endless suffering over and over again, each taking its own eternity before 3999 started over and did it again.

Researcher Talloran struggles against this horrific fate, and through the document we see his fight. Each of the cross-outs, the weirdness, the nonsense, it's all things that 3999 is "trying" on his plaything. But eventually, as the document itself dissolves into madness, much like how Talloran's reality is dissolving, he learns 3999's nature. He overcomes it. And he kills himself, but that kills 3999. It kills that reality. Time and space go back to normal.

And if you read between the lines, this is kind of obvious:

Agents assigned are to execute Researcher Talloran's mother first, followed by his father. Any animals present in the building are to be terminated. They are then to proceed to the location of Researcher Talloran's sister, currently a student at Penn State University. She is to be executed followed by any of her roommates currently present in the building. Termination is to occur via a single shot to the forehead via a Remington 700 Sniper rifle fired at close range and equipped with a silencer. The corpses are then to be nailed to the wall outside Researcher Talloran's office and lit on fire after being doused with exactly 10 L of gasoline. Researcher Talloran is to restrained and be made to kneel in front of the corpses

SCP-3999 is to be allowed access to Researcher Talloran's sister, currently a student at Penn State University. SCP-3999, at the prompting of its armed escort, is to brutally rape Researcher Talloran's sister and then rip out her eyeballs, slice off her legs, and disembowel her. It is then to use its abilities. and reverse the damage it has perpetrated. It is then to take her out for a banana split at Meyer Dairy, a local ice cream shop in the Penn State region. Following this, it

All staff are to consider Researcher Talloran a product of Prometheus Labs, and are to regularly execute him twice a month with a Glock 43 9mm handgun. They are then to flay his father alive in front of his mother, and then burn the house down. Then salt the earth until nothing remains

Talloran: So who are you, exactly? Ask yourself that. Who are you before a human who is ready to fight. You're nothing but the primordial ooze. And I am ready to fight. I am numb to your bullshit, because here's the thing about horror and weirdness: the more you reveal of it, the less effect it has. I am sick of your horror. I am sick of you.


Alright. That was a ride, wasn't it? Now let's look at it from the meta angle. Yes, there's a meta angle. Lots of stuff these days have one. Oh well.

Every time I come back to SCP-3999, the number of references to the wiki I find grows and grows. There's the references to the author (LordStonefish)'s own 2432, of course, but there's also gems like "every bee that has ever existed," "Max Landis," "arguing about left-wing politics in the forums," "the SCP-3000 contest" and much more.

SCP-3999 is an exploration of the relationship between author and character; it shows that the author is essentially a godhead to their own creations - they govern their universe, they can do anything they want to their characters. In essence, then, the mysterious 3999 is actually the author, the reader, the people from outside the narrative who watch the suffering of Researcher Talloran and want it to continue. We're genuinely interested in this—we want to let this still exist.

The weirdness and nonsense is also, in a sense, the process of the authorthe godwriting his own 3000 entry. He has all these ideas, these horror tropes, these things he wants to jot down, but he crosses it out over and over again, unsatisfied. He looks to 2432, 2845, and much more, but it all just gets lost in a sea of drafts and ideas.

The author, in the quote box near the end, describes this exact process—of all the different concepts he had that he threw out, that the narrative he created was now consuming him. His character of Researcher Talloran was overpowering him - in the same way that was described in the in-universe explanation. Researcher Talloran killed his own story, and this piece, is "the restoration of things." It symbolizes that the SCP wiki has won, the SCP wiki has lost, that it is the center of everything that happens.

Like a whistle beckoning dogs, this was a cue for all the terrors of the world to come pouring out of every nook and cranny to join Talloran there. It was all the nightmares I had spent a better part of a year immersed in. Sliced presidents, unstoppable lizards, clockwork people, eye pods, deer gods, moving statues, old men both good and bad. All standing silently, a crowd of horror. They looked contemptuously at me lying, unmoving, in my piss and shit stained bed. "Why would you bother your time with us? In the grand scheme of things we are ultimately nothing. Idiotic horror creations. You have so much more you could be than a creator of garbage like us. Be somebody!", I seemed to hear them say.

And thus, the horror in SCP-3999 is the terror of the creator who has lost control of what has been created, and also the horror of the victim subject to something they cannot stop. It is something on both sides of the coin, something immediately chilling and identifiable. It's a journey into your own psyche.

Link: SCP-3999: I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me

Written By: ModulumModulum, u/modulum83

Date Published: May 21, 2017

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