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This article left a lot of people confused when it was released, myself included, so I want to do a declassification on it to explain what's happening here.

Special Containment Procedures: Any autonomous automobile discovered to be converging upon SCP-4070-A is to be intercepted and shut down.

This paragraph tells us that the anomaly involves self-driving cars converging upon a target, designated SCP-4070-A. We'll learn what SCP-4070-A is later.

Foundation agents embedded within groups producing autonomous automobile guidance software are to inject code preventing SCP-4070-A recognition by their relevant systems.

This shows us that the Foundation is trying to prevent self-driving cars from being affected by the anomaly before they're even released by injecting code into their systems that prevents them from recognizing the target. This is a necessary precaution; self-driving cars will be widespread in a few years, so if the Foundation doesn't come up with a way to stop the anomaly it could cause serious problems for them.

MTF Tau-58 "Plymouth's Fury" has been established to intercept SCP-4070-1 instances. It is to maintain a 1km perimeter surrounding SCP-4070-A at all times.

We learn from this that the Foundation has established an MTF to intercept any SCP-4070-1 instances, and that they maintain a 1km perimeter around the target.

Description: SCP-4070 is a phenomenon wherein affected autonomous automobiles (SCP-4070-1 instances) ignore user input and instead converge on SCP-4070-A.

This confirms that the anomaly makes self-driving cars converge on SCP-4070-A, and that the SCP-4070-1 instances referred to in the last paragraph of the Special Containment Procedures are cars being affected.

SCP-4070-A is the target of SCP-4070-1 instances. Current calculations indicate that upon startup, an autonomous automobile has a (100/e^x)% chance of becoming an SCP-4070-1 instance (where x equals the distance between the automobile and SCP-4070-A in kilometers). SCP-4070-1 instances will travel in a straight line toward SCP-4070-A.

This tells us that a car has a smaller chance of being affected by the anomaly the farther away it is from the target, and also that it travels in a straight line relative to the curvature of the Earth when getting to the target.

Due to the relative scarcity of self-driving automobiles until recently, it is unknown when SCP-4070 manifested. However, due to the history of SCP-4070-A, a starting date of ██/██/1983 has been proposed.

This tells us that the anomaly is believed to have begun affecting self-driving cars in 1983. Remember that year, it's going to be important later on.

The next section is a discovery log. In this discovery log, a self-driving car in England drove into the ocean after starting, killing 3 people. It was discovered that the car was driving towards GPS coordinates corresponding to a point in Bangor, Maine, the location of the target at the time, and that the safety measures that would normally stop it from driving into the ocean were disabled. Through later testing, the Foundation eventually confirmed that this was due to an anomaly and not a freak accident. This tells us that the anomaly is not making cars drive towards a location, but rather a person.

In the first addendum, we're told about an incident in 1999 where the target was hit by a vehicle and severely injured. The Foundation investigated the incident and determined that the anomaly was not affecting the vehicle that hit the target.

The final addendum tells us that a rocket fired into space in 2018 with a car on board is now heading towards the target, and that it will likely end up colliding with an asteroid.

That brings us to the end of the article, however there's one unanswered question: who is SCP-4070-A? The answer is simple: Stephen King.

For those of you who think that sounds random, let me explain. In 1983, King published a horror novel titled Christine, in which a car is possessed and starts killing people. This is the same year the anomaly is believed to have started affecting self-driving cars. The car in the book is a 1958 Plymouth Fury, which is the same name given to the MTF established to deal with the anomaly. In 1999, King was hit by a minivan, which once again lines up with the year SCP-4070-A was hit by a vehicle. He was hit by the minivan because the driver was dealing with a Rottweiler dog, which is why the incident report states that the vehicle wasn't affected by the anomaly. Finally, the car in the discovery log drove towards Bangor, Maine. King owns a house there. Every detail given about the target, from where they live to things that happen to them, lines up with King.

With that, we come to the end of SCP-4070, an article about Stephen King being attacked by self-driving cars for a novel he wrote 30 years ago about a possessed car that wasn't even self-driving. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.

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Date Published: January 16, 2019

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