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tab The greenmanwalking Reports


Today, I was tired of asking the same questions to the same people. So, I asked KTE-6561-Black if there was anyone else I could talk to about what was going on here. Anyone I hadn't met yet. It said yes.

It brought me to tent not far from its own, with nothing of note in it except for a laptop computer. When it turned it on, it loaded directly to a full-screened chat client I couldn't identify, and displayed no other clear functions. And then I, we, talked. It let me print out a transcript.

The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: Salutations, assembled members of Gamers Against Weed.
hetcopogg: holy shit dude.
hetcopogg: why are you still using that display name?
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: I have brought Sergeant Ayers, as requested. I will be surrendering this terminal to him presently.
gaycopmp4: i have literally no idea how he even set it to be that long
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: I was instructed to 'just pick something you like.' I followed those instructions.

The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly has changed their nickname to greenmanwalking

greenmanwalking: Uh.
greenmanwalking: Hey.
greenmanwalking: So, I have a lot of questions.
lesbian_gengar: oh, we know.
lesbian_gengar: but our questions come first.
lesbian_gengar: first of all, why did he even invite you in there?
greenmanwalking: That was actually the first question I had for you.
hetcopogg: honestly,
hetcopogg: i buy that.
hetcopogg: i think he's just kind of like a dog, and does things arbitrarily.
polaricecraps: but like more
hetcopogg: yes.
greenmanwalking: Was there a second question?
lesbian_gengar: yeah, what do you want? why did you go there?
greenmanwalking: Reconnaissance. I don't know if it plans to eat me or what, but if it actually lets me go, my superiors want a report about what I saw here. I'm under orders not to perform any hostile actions against the KTE for the duration of this mission.
lesbian_gengar: so, he just invited a spy to the island, on purpose?
greenmanwalking: I think so.
harmpit: that prtety muc hchecks out
gaycopmp4: yeah
hetcopogg: yeah.
polaricecraps: yeah
fallout_meta.txt: yeah
lesbian_gengar: fine.
greenmanwalking: Is there another question?
lesbian_gengar: are you under any other orders?
greenmanwalking: Aside from basic information security? Not really. I'm not going to give you our reports on the KTE, or anything, though.
greenmanwalking: Next?
lesbian_gengar: you can take a turn, now.
greenmanwalking: Is there a specific reason your organization is involved with KTE-6561-Black? What do you do for it? What does it do for you? What does it do?
lesbian_gengar: that's four turns.
hetcopogg: he's family.
greenmanwalking: Are you saying it's somebody's father, or something?
fallout_meta.txt: I mean, not as far as we know, no.
lesbian_gengar: 'not as far as we know'?
fallout_meta.txt: I don't know. It's old, and I don't know how it works. You can never tell.
greenmanwalking: Okay. But what does it get by having you around, and what do you need him for?
lesbian_gengar: nope. that's all you get for now. try asking him.

The next time I left my tent was morning. There was a laptop sitting outside, facing my tent's flap. I opened it up. I was already logged in to whatever chat client the Reefers use. I had a message.

hetcopogg: hey
hetcopogg: the others don't want me to do this but i want to talk to you about the big guy.
hetcopogg: i was the first one to meet him. he walked right into my dorm room. we were supposed to be summoning him, but i thought he'd just… appear. he walked in through my door instead.
hetcopogg: some of the others have met him in person, but i'm the one who spent the most time with him. i had to get him all the way from ohio to wisconsin in my car. something about easily-foldable space. we had to hide him. it had to be me who brought him because i'm normal. i don't know how it works.
greenmanwalking: So?
hetcopogg: we talked a lot in the car. he told me stories about killing a flesh demon. i talked to him about my mom; how i want to see her more in case something happens like with my roommate's mom. he talked to me about how he had an immortal blood brother who was trapped forever in a stone circle that he missed too.
hetcopogg: i told him about how i made another one of him, once. i told him about how she calls me her mother and i love her but she's almost as old as i am and i'm not ready to be a mother, like, the normal way. he told me that when he killed that flesh demon, there were dozens, hundreds of people who worshiped it who had nowhere to go now. he said they were going to die if that demon was still alive, but he still took away everything they had. some of them were angry at him. a lot of them made him their new god. he told me you can't really control how other people think of you or what that makes you become. he said he stayed with them until they learned how to write their own faith. he didn't tell them he was a god, or a demon, or a hero. he just stayed there. that helped.
hetcopogg: i talked to him about how i was thinking of changing majors because i don't know what i really want to do when i'm like, a real grown-up. there's so many important things out there. he told me that every day he used to run across the sky chasing the sun from dawn to dusk so that the days would pass. he said he hunted the sun day after day for times beyond counting. he told me one day he stopped, and the sun found another way to move across the sky.
hetcopogg: he told me that as long as you're doing the right that you can, you just have to have faith that others will too.
hetcopogg: i think i believe him.
hetcopogg: i think you should believe him, too.
greenmanwalking: I'll take it under advisement.

I closed the laptop. I took a walk. I didn't come back for a long time.

End log.

tab Official GAW Summation

bones: Begin interview.
polaricecraps: what, just like that? you're supposed to ask a question, big guy
fallout_meta.txt: It's obvious, isn't it? We explain what our idea was. JJ should start us off.
jockjamsvol6: I see some things as a founding member that bother me, sometimes. Not as many as you see, bones, because I can't read all of it, but a lot of the people who come to us aren't really happy. A lot of them basically have superpowers and they still aren't happy. Their lives aren't easy; usually because someone else is making it hard. I think we help make their lives a little happier, at least, and I like that, but sometimes it's like they don't even know how to be happy, you know? That's one of the things that bothers me.
jockjamsvol6: It's not like I feel guilty for being how I am, or like I want penance for being lucky, but I wanted to see if we could use my magic in a Mister somehow, but like, spread it. I wanted to see if we could make something that would share what it's like to be me. So people could see not everything has to be hard. Not everything has to hurt. I wanted to use the Mr. Destiny name we came up with because I wanted it to be something to show people things don't have to stay how they are.
jockjamsvol6: I didn't expect we could transfer the whole effect but I thought if we used me as a blueprint to build somebody else, maybe we could change it enough to share it. Maybe even a little could be enough to change someone's point of view; maybe not make them happy, but show them what happy is. What it looks like. I started talking to pic and fallout_meta.txt about that.
polaricecraps: he talked to me about it because im awesome
fallout_meta.txt: Essentially. JJ brought me in because when he brought it up, I started thinking of how my antique-creation affects history; changes cause and effect, just a little. I thought maybe that would help.
jockjamsvol6: It sounded really smart so I invited them to a sub-chat to talk about it. We talked about it a lot without coming up with a way to do it until harmpit logged on. harmpit's rearrangement thing; that made it work. Mostly.
harmpit: itts not har dto rearrange things lik theat. we jjust needed the rright ideas. ww had them.
jockjamsvol6: Once we had everyone in place, things started to work out, mostly.
bones: Mostly?
jockjamsvol6: Well, we (and Dahlia) made the guy, but shitty things happen to him. Like, all the time. It's like our poles are reversed. Shitty things happen around him constantly. It's surreal for me to watch. But he's always ready for them. Like he's whoever he has to be to make the shitty thing go away instead of things outside him changing for him.
fallout_meta.txt: It's kind of like it knows what's going to happen before it does, somewhere inside. It changes its face to be whoever it needs to be.
polaricecraps: but we got the other part right
bones: How so?
polaricecraps: like, yeah, he doesn't make people lucky like jj, like how he's not lucky like jj either, but that thing he does do happens to whoever is around him, too. people change like he does when they're around him. its like when youre around him you can see through this veil into what youre supposed to be doing, and he can just see through it all the time.
fallout_meta.txt: That seems to be the reason why it's so old. Some historical data I've found suggests that when we made him, I fucked up the causality part. Unless I made it work by binding it to the only thing that worked. I'm not completely sure. I've never handled that much substance at once. We seem to have made him across all times where people were thinking about their purpose. That seems to be the thread that ties him to the world. If you could share certain data from the lower paleolithic with me, I should be able to make a confirmation.
bones: Data archiving was not my function.
polaricecraps: it is right now, isnt it?
bones: Inquiries will be made. Please continue. What were the roles of polaricecraps and hetcopogg in the creation of Mr. Destiny?
polaricecraps: i pakooshed it.
bones: 'Pakooshed' it?
polaricecraps: i sent the idea from jj to fallout boy to harmpit so they could all do their steps.
hetcopogg: they needed me there to line up the astral geometry, or something. triangulate it. they said if pic wasn't out of washington for winter in fucking Yorkshire they could have just made a square but instead i had to close the loop.
polaricecraps: so that i could pakoosh it.
hetcopogg: so that you could pakoosh it.
bones: I see. What happened after this?
hetcopogg: he walked into the little summoning circle pic had me draw in my dorm room.
bones: He walked, or he appeared?
hetcopogg: no, like, he walked in through my locked door with no shirt on and stood in a circle of salt i laid down on my carpet.
polaricecraps: i told you to lay down painter's paper or something below the salt.
bones: Unnecessary digression. Please continue, hetcopogg.
hetcopogg: we talked for a long time about how he got there, what he came for, how many girls in my dorm had seen him, who he was, who i was, and if he was dangerous. once i decided it was safe, i offered to let him sit on my bed while i called everyone else on discord to yell at them for half an hour.
jockjamsvol6: She did do this.
harmpit: yeaah
fallout_meta.txt: That is correct.
polaricecraps: yep.
jockjamsvol6: Fallout came up with the theory that trying to meddle with time too much made our guy exist across all of our time, or at least for as long as our conception of time, during that half hour. I don't think the rest of us said much except for "sorry."
harmpit: tthats' still our running theoery.
fallout_meta.txt: He's definitely very old. It's possible that creating him changed history in ways too vast to even speculate about. It's also possible that until we made him he just slid in by the cracks of what was already happening, and he's only alive now, or maybe sliding through the cracks is all he does.
bones: Do you have evidence for any of these theories to present?
fallout_meta.txt: Unfortunately, no. Either he's going to change history now, or not. We'll have a better idea at that point.

bones: Thank you for agreeing to conduct this interview.
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: Think nothing of it.
bones: It has been requested that I advise you to change your display name to something shorter for the purposes of this interview.
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: Your advice is well-noted.
bones: How old are you, by your own estimation?
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: As old as the oldest word for 'fate,' I think.
bones: Would you be able to convert this estimate to into years of the Gregorian calendar?
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: No.
bones: Why do you choose to associate so closely with the organization Gamers Against Weed? There are indications that you have a number of other powerful allies throughout the world, capable of concealing you from your enemies.
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: Perhaps I felt that it was not enough to be protected from the world if I could not speak to it. Once I cannot speak, people will forget I am here, and then I will not be here. Perhaps I have grown sentimental in this age, and come to believe that the best protection comes from family.
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: However, I expect that if I have become sentimental and foolish in this age, that is what I will need to be to live through it.
bones: Do you believe that your close association with Gamers Against Weed places our organization in danger, given the enemies you claim to have?
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: It would be nicer if that were true. That would have an easier solution. You have all been in danger ever since you first met. I, too, hope to protect my family.
bones: Which dangers do you feel Gamers Against Weed is threatened by, and how do you believe you can protect it?
The_Throne_of_the_Third_Heaven_of_the_Nations'_Millennium_General_Assembly: You took a step into a wider world when you banded together as a group. Separately, maybe three or four of you are powers. They, you, would have been able to defend yourselves adequately against the things which lurk. You were merely small targets with considerable abilities. Something like what I used to be. There are dangers in becoming involved in the world, but the only predator that truly hunts your former kind — our former kind —, is loneliness. You escaped that creature. You banded together more of the outcast, the strange, the cheerless, and you made them cheerful, safe, belonging to something. You made something happy where there was nothingness. You made yourself the kind of player that the larger players notice. Because I laud your courage in this action, I wish to offer you foresight. I wish to offer you the will to act. These are what you will need to protect your group.

tab How You Can Help

Physical Anomaly Maintenance, by polaricecraps (organized and titled by bones)

How It Works

polaricecraps: so like
polaricecraps: for how it works.
polaricecraps: shit so like. fuck. imagine dropping a chunk of lead through a bit of saran wrap
polaricecraps: the wrap holds for a bit and then snaps, but the chunk takes a bit of the wrap with it
polaricecraps: then imagine that where the thing broke gets healed, but for both things
polaricecraps: like it closes so theres no holes anymore
polaricecraps: so that the saran wrap is fine and the chunk of lead is now covered in saran wrap.
polaricecraps: fuck. like, in other words
polaricecraps: its like when you put a bubble wand in solution, blow a bubble, and the solution forms a film on the bubble wand again, even though there's a bubble
polaricecraps: but like instead of a wand its just another really fuckin big bubble.
polaricecraps: its like a bubble travelling inside another bubble when stuff isnt supposed to get in
polaricecraps: and when shit IS supposed to get in its just like
polaricecraps: itself inside of the bubble.

Bubble Integrity

polaricecraps: so one of the fuckin problems with doing this is
polaricecraps: if you know how the fuck bubbles work
polaricecraps: theyre very very easy to manage when theyre small
polaricecraps: and theyre very very very hard to keep still when theyre fuckin huge
polaricecraps: it fuckin blows with the wind, with whatever current.
polaricecraps: in other fuckin words
polaricecraps: imagine like.
polaricecraps: youre on a beach
polaricecraps: and youre trying to keep a circle in the sand as good as you can
polaricecraps: but its fuckin windy as shit
polaricecraps: shit keeps blowing
polaricecraps: and you gotta constantly watch out for where the sand blows over
polaricecraps: to keep the circle goin
polaricecraps: thats what im doing.
polaricecraps: and frankly its fuckin not good when im not there.
polaricecraps: the bubbles still up but it gets wildstyle shaped
polaricecraps: because i gotta fuckin sleep.
polaricecraps: so ideally
polaricecraps: we get another fuckin two to keep watch on the the bubble
polaricecraps: we get another fuckin two to help keep that bubble a circle
polaricecraps: shit
polaricecraps: we get another fuckin two to keep that bubble a sphere
polaricecraps: and we should be fuckin set. smooth as shit.

Illusion Maintenence

polaricecraps: second fuckin issue at hand.
polaricecraps: we dont really give a shit if they know what the island looks like
polaricecraps: they know what the island looks like
polaricecraps: they got paper fuckin maps. too fuckin many for us to know about all of em.
polaricecraps: what they DONT know is how many fuckers are here
polaricecraps: and the shit we built.
polaricecraps: we consciously choose things to let in
polaricecraps: except like.
polaricecraps: i dont think its really clear how hard this shit is
polaricecraps: do you know how fuckin hard it is to let in like
polaricecraps: light?
polaricecraps: fuckin almost all radiation?
polaricecraps: not only that but we gotta keep some kinds from getting out
polaricecraps: life energy and fuckin other bullshit like that.
polaricecraps: so far weve fuckin gotten along real well with some real weird bullshit
polaricecraps: so for the fuckin keeping things in its simple, its like a faraday cage or some shit
polaricecraps: for the other shit…
polaricecraps: you know how in photoshop you can use the area around something to fix a blemish and it makes it look like it's continuous. spot heal
polaricecraps: outside the area it just looks like that.
polaricecraps: the radiation, light warps to look like that
polaricecraps: takes energy, conscious effort.
polaricecraps: i set that shit up, its part of the bubble n shit
polaricecraps: but harmpit's the one who keeps it going.
polaricecraps: kinda.
polaricecraps: harmpit's gotta fuckin sleep too.
polaricecraps: so when harmpit goes down
polaricecraps: very very fuckin slowly
polaricecraps: its like parts of the island pop up in the spot heal.
polaricecraps: muddy and shitty, but still very worrying
polaricecraps: if somethin ever were to happen to harmpit
polaricecraps: we fuckin lose it.
polaricecraps: and they start seein shit.
polaricecraps: we cant have that.
polaricecraps: we need, we really need like at least one other person
polaricecraps: preferrably two
polaricecraps: who arent the two for the bubble shit.

Final Thought

polaricecraps: so listen
polaricecraps: i know how it sounds
polaricecraps: but at least one of you fuckin bastards knows what the fuck i meant here.
polaricecraps: and if anyone did
polaricecraps: please fuckin message me.
polaricecraps: help us obi wan kenobi
polaricecraps: you old fuckin bastard

tab Final Note

bluntfiend: So you want, like, a closing message from the leader of Gamers Against Weed about why we're doing all this stuff with Mr. Destiny for your database entry on it?
bluntfiend: Basically it's like… well, we made this guy, right? We didn't mean to make him exactly how we did but it's here because of us and that makes us responsible for it, right? If something bad happens to it because of the way we made it then that's kind of our responsibility.
bluntfiend: I know only like five of us were actually involved in making it and we don't do this kind of thing for most of the Misters we make but it was made as part of something we're all part of and most of the Misters we make don't seem to want to have much to do with us, and like, this one came to us to ask for help.
bluntfiend: And it is what it is and it does what it does because we made it like we are, you know?
bluntfiend: So it's one of us, basically.
bluntfiend: And if we don't look out for each other, who's going to look out for any of us, right?
bluntfiend: Just tell them I said that, okay, bones?

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