πŸ“‹ SCP-4335 β€” A Welt In The Crucible
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Item Number: SCP-4335

A Welt In The Crucible

Object Class: Keter

Yep, I'm back. And we're kicking this off with something… interesting.

I'm going to let you know off the bat that SCP-4335 is a real oddball. Written by none other than WestrinWestrin (who else?), this SCP explores the concept of randomness, reality, and video games, with twinges of eldritch horror and comedic secrets. It recently hit +200, too. So, my fellow scholars, strap on your seatbelts, grab the family, and let's get right into it!

Off the bat, we're greeted with a nice warning telling us that SCP-4335's containment procedures need to be updated often due to software changes that may occur. It also informs us that SCP-4335 is cognitohazardous, and you need permission from the Lead Researcher (Jason Yelsan) to read its file. Following this, there is a collapsible, leading to the article.

Great. Once you click the collapsible, you're greeted with an image of Site-M1, which is… this:


That's a picture of an iron door in a mountain side… in Minecraft. Yes, you read that correctly. Minecraft. Told you it'd get pretty weird.

For those uneducated folk out there, Minecraft is a game created and developed by the company Mojang, formerly owned by Markus "Notch" Persson, a Swedish developer. Its first version was first created in 2009, its first alpha and beta in 2010, and officially released in 2011. It was an instant success, and became a worldwide phenomenon β€” as of late 2018, it has over 150 million registered accounts, and its the second-highest selling game of all time, just under Tetris. In 2014, Mojang was sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion, which most of the money went to its CEO, Markus.

Now that you're essentially caught up, let's actually proceed with the article.

The first part of the containment procedures detail what is located in Site-M1 β€” this includes animal farms for sustainable food, a mineshaft to harvest ores, a number of books detailing containment procedures in the game, and finally, SCP-4335 itself.

The second part is more complicated. There are a total of four layers to the cubes surrounding SCP-4335, all being made of iron blocks, save for the central cube, which is made of obsidian. Four mob farms surround the cubes, which spawn hostile entities (which are normal for the game) that drop loot upon death. In a systematic fashion, their loot is pumped into the central cube, where SCP-4335 lies and consumes the items.

Now things get odd. Should SCP-4335 successfully destroy part of the innermost cube, the ceiling is to be destroyed via TNT blocks. Once this is completed, lava above the ceiling should flow down onto the SCP, and the MTF playing the game should utilize multiple items (such as ender pearls, which teleport the player, and fire resistant potions) to redirect SCP-4335 back into the innermost chamber and seal it. If SCP-4335 still manages to escape, they should prepare for SCP-4335 to transport itself to another server.

There's one small thing I would like to point out, though. In the midst of the containment procedures, it says this:

In the event […] SCP-4335 manages to escape the innermost cube, personnel are advised to constantly taunt and insult SCP-43352, and attempt to bring it back[.]

The footnote reads:

Note: Not in game chat, speak in real life


And to conclude the containment procedures, we have a downloadable link to an older save file that used to have SCP-4335 on it. The most notable thing on it was a picture of Garfield in a sealed-off room, which is Westrin's profile picture. This is a very important part of the SCP and definitely ties into everything at the end.

Okay, no, I'm kidding. But the thing about Westrin's profile picture is true.

And this concludes the containment procedures. Onto the description!

Right off the bat, our suspicions are confirmed that SCP-4335 is an anomalous entity in the video game Minecraft. We're informed it behaves like a regular entity on the game, save for some anomalous quirks, and it has a player model that is entirely black. The document goes on to tell us that it can move 0.5 – 5 blocks per second (blocks being analogous to meters in the game) and it had numerous "tendrils" that protrude from its body, as well as being surrounded by smoke particles. One interesting point to make is that it will leave the server if creative mode, cheats, or command blocks are enabled, which are all ways to create resources or modify the game.

The aforementioned tendrils will seek out blocks or items in the immediate vicinity of the entity, and then will destroy them. Upon the destruction of the block/item, the tendril will retreat into SCP-4335 for 10 – 15 seconds, before returning. The key takeaway here is that the entity cannot move while performing this action. This is what allows containment to be possible, and why a constant stream of items is necessary to keep the entity motionless.

Now we learn about the entity's ability to change size. When it consumes a block or item, depending on the item's rarity, it will increase size. If it’s fed items constantly, it will not grow from it. In addition, ender pearls, when thrown at the entity, will cause it to shrink (ender pearls being items that, when they land, teleport the player to that location). The ender pearl's teleportation effect is nullified when thrown into SCP-4335. SCP-4335 will leave a server if it grows up to 500 meters in height.

The cognitohazard is the final bit of the description. It tells us that SCP-4335 is capable of causing auditory and visual hallucinations if looked at. It is also, apparently, telepathically capable of speaking with humans, and can hear human speech if the player is nearby them, despite being in a video game.


Of course, with any longer SCP, the meat of the article is located in the Addenda. Let's learn about its discovery.

The discovery takes place in 2010, a week after Minecraft's first Alpha version is released. SCP-4335 is located inside of a singleplayer world, which the foundation connects to (which, in my opinion, is the most unrealistic thing in this entire SCP). They set up three MTF with Minecraft accounts, sit them down in a room with three computers, and send them in.

Most of the log we can skip. In summary, the player gets spooked and logs off, and the MTF hear an explosion. They go to its source and find a crater, which they build a dirt perimeter around. Now we can start the interesting bit.

One of the MTF members attempts to view SCP-4335 to confirm it is inside the dirt perimeter. Upon doing so, the other MTF try to push his in-game character away from the small hole he dug β€” although they succeed, he still reports seeing the entity on screen, and that his in-game character didn't move. Then…

A-1: What the… my keyboard is corroding, can you confirm?

A-2 and A-3: Negative.

A-1: What the sh- the screen, it's melting too. It's melting like wax. Oh god help me.

They put him into quarantine, and the log ends.

We see from this that the entity is not only capable of affecting in-game perception, but also affecting how they see the real world. How odd.

Onto an interview log. Yep, this thing can talk.

The interview is pretty brief, and takes place between the Lead Researcher and SCP-4335. SCP-4335 asks if the Yelsan is humanity, to which he replies that he is a representative of it. The entity then claims that "it worked" and asks if he is on Earth. Yelsan states that he is actually in a video game, and explains that video games are virtual worlds humans play for fun. The SCP then requests time to think about this concept (which is granted), and is silent for fifteen hours.

When the interview resumes, SCP-4335 expresses that it's contemplated that humans are sapient and greedy, and that Minecraft is merely a fake reality in the shadow of the real one. Before Yelsan can properly respond, this happens:

SCP-4335: It is so. This world still provides enough sustenance. I will travel to your world and resume my activities there.

Yelsan: What is your pur…

SCP-4335: It shall be done.

That doesn't sound good.

In the next addendum, we learn that SCP-4335 manages to breach containment and head onto a new server. Although not much happens in this recapture log that's different from the discovery log, there is an interesting bit to highlight. While attempting to recapture the entity, the two users who owned the server had entered the cave which SCP-4335 was residing in. When emerging, they stated this and went back to their in-game homes:

<Grebent> I wouldn't recommend that, honestly.

<Albakerky> 13 42 15 11 44 24 34 33

The second one is the message I'd like to focus on. I had some trouble with this initially, but after asking Westrin for help, he told me that it was encoded with a polybius square, and decoded it for me.

It translates to "creation."

Keep that word in mind, because it's going to pop up a lot more in the next logs.

The next interview log is, again, between Yelsan and SCP-4335. SCP-4335 is impressed with humanity's tenacity to keep it locked in the game, and offers to tell its backstory. Yelsan agrees, but first, SCP-4335 poses a question: Do you know what creation is? Yelsan answers with this line:

Yelsan: Uh… something that is built and brought to this universe by a sapient being, using other things from this universe?

Remember this definition of creation. It will be important later on.

SCP-4335 agrees with the definition, and explains that it was a creation born in a "higher plane" of existence. All around it, it saw blackness, with a single small section of green β€” it could see creation. And within it, it saw a "creation utopia", which it scrapped itself off the higher plane to see up close. Somehow, it ended up in Minecraft instead of our world.

Then it explains, as every eldritch horror does, that it wants to kill creation. Lovely.

Before the log ends, though, something… different happens. The entity then asks for the time, which Yelsan does not divulge, and Yelsan begins to suffer from the cognitohazard, despite not making eye contact with SCP-4335. While Yelsan panics, several "extremely tall, thin, and black entities" begin to remove blocks from SCP-4335's containment unit. Yelsan manages to fend them off before submitting himself to quarantine.

Now, I'm certain that any Minecraft players reading this just had an epiphany. If it wasn't blatantly obvious, the article then spells it out for you: The O5 Council decides to contact Mojang, and in cooperation, they announce the "addition" of a new, non-anomalous entity to the game β€” these, of course, being the endermen.

The final note is where everything ties together, of course.

The author of the note explains that, while the Foundation is unsure if SCP-4335 is telling the truth, they will assume it is for the sake of argument. They then go on to propose a theory regarding SCP-4335, based on the definition of creation it was given earlier. Creation is something made by a sapient being. The set of rules that shape the landscapes of Minecraft, its code, are not sapient themselves β€” but when humans use it to create a new world, it's considered the human's action, like a person using a tool to create a machine.

Each block is a creation by a human, using code to generate it. This overwhelming amount of creation is the reason why SCP-4335 ended up in Minecraft: It didn't see our world, it saw the game. But this still posses a question β€” why didn't it see our world? If we're going off the logic that every block is a creation by a human, then every atom is a creation of a god. And presuming god is sapient, then it should be counted as "creation." What's the reason SCP-4335 didn't see the creation of a god?

The answer, of course, is that there is no god.

Yea, that went from ten to a hundred real quick, didn't it?

The author of the note concludes that although there is a god, it's not in the way we think it is. It then links to Microsoft's Wikipedia page, which is the company that owns Minecraft. The note is signed by Jens Bergensten, a Foundation researcher and the lead developer of the game.

Minecraft isn't just full of creation.

Our universe is also devoid of it.

And this concludes SCP-4335.

TL;DR: "I proved that god doesn't exist via minecraft." –Westrin

Link: SCP-4335: A Welt In The Crucible

Written By: YossiLeiner does not match any existing user name, u/yossipossi

Date Published: March 22, 2019

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