SCP-5000: Overexposure

Special Containment Procedures: All SCPs affected by SCP-5000 should

Description: SCP-5000 is the phenomena of non-anomalous concepts as anomalous.

Concept Intrepreted Anomaly Designation in the Database
Oranges The belief that oranges, when consumed, allow people to be controlled by an antimemetic entity. SCP-4804
Breakfast SCP-4144
The US state of Massachusetts SCP-4006
Scranton Reality Anchors SCP-4065
D-Class SCP-2959
The D-Class Termination Process See Addendum SCP-2193


Reading this document, you probably have numerous questions swirling around in your head. "Why don't the O5s have access to this document? Why can't they know about this? How did we find this out?"

I suppose I should answer those.

Researcher Calvin, Dr. Mideaus, and Dr. Westrin were all asked to write proposals for an SCP dubbed "SCP-4804" although the details they were given were vague, they managed to put something together. Although after exchanging information with each other. They discovered that they were essentially classifying oranges as an SCP. Of course startled they started looking into it without asking the O5 council anything. That's when they discovered it.

They ran every orange they had through every possible anomaly test and they couldn't find any readings that anything was off with them.

Naturally they wanted to report a potential mistake but when Dr. Westrin reported it to the O5 Council, he was immediately demoted to D-Class, no questions asked.

That's what the report says anyways. Dr. Westrin hasn't been seen since he sent that E-Mail to the O5 Council. Calvin and Mideaus have E-Mailed all D-Class handlers about what site Westrin is at. Not a single soul has seen him.

They started digging deeper, despite the risks.
They started with SCPs an SCP that had more public knowledge, 2959 and 4065. This is one of the ones that the O5 tried to get out to as many site personnel as possible. Which made sense at the time, if D-Class and SRAs are anomalous, they want as many people as possible to know about it.

But Calvin and Mideaus crossreferenced every fact the documents gave and they didn't line up. They started digging deeper and eventually got some higher up personnel to admit "breakfast didn't exist," and managed to get them a copy of the document.
They repeated the exact same tests. D-Class eating breakfast with a huge dose of mnestics and everything. All they got were D-Class who remember the details of breakfast really well.
That's when they knew they had to get the word out.
After getting some low-level RAISA member to code documents that couldn't be read by Level 4 and above personnel. You would think that kind of thing would be illegal at the Foundation but I guess nobody thought about making a rule against it. Plus with so many SCPs, it would've been easy to put this in the catalogue.

So that's where we are right now. Every Level 3 and below personnel in the Foundation should be aware of this by now. Even the janitors and the D-Class.

Now a lot of you are wondering why we aren't reporting these findings to the O5 or at least a Site Director. Trust me, we've had people who've tried after Westrin. They all get demoted, terminated, vanish, etc. There's no point in trying.

So we've tried putting together theories on what SCP-5000 is because of that. To find the root of the problem. Perhaps it was something memetic or maybe this is from some other SCP in containment.

We've had every theory imaginable, "Maybe the SCPs do exist but they only affect the O5 Council." "Maybe they're research entries from an alternate universe."

You know what I think?

I don't think it's anything at all.

I think the O5 Council has just gone crazy for working this job for as long as they have and they've just lost it.

Seeing weird stuff every single day, having to find out 1 million different was the world can end. You start to not trust things. You can't trust anything anymore.

I wouldn't be surprised if a O5-1 was just eating an orange for breakfast and had a nervous breakdown right then and there and just calmed himself by putting designating oranges and breakfast as anomalous.

But there's no way to know.

If the core of the problem is with the Council, there's no way to get close, no way to test our theories.

We're just stuck at an impasse that can never be solved.

The worst part? Who knows how many other things in this database was just some normal thing from ages ago that some old fuck designated as "anomalous" because they were having a bad day.

Who knows how many lie in the database.

Who even cares at this point.

Dr. Goldman

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