SCP-XXXX (The Artist)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a middle aged man by the name of Orlando Weissman. SCP-XXXX has [describe appearance later if I can get a picture for the article, if not, I can make up the appearance].

SCP-XXXX was uncovered upon a raid on an established "Are We Cool Yet?" safehouse. Although all notable persons of interest either escaped of were killed in the incident, SCP-XXXX was found hiding in a storage closet and was brought in for questioning where it revealed it's abilities were being used for a recent string of AWCY attacks.

Dr. Goldman: Tell me about the blonde woman you drew.

SCP-XXXX: She is…my masterpiece…my love…my everything.

Dr. Goldman: Is she based on anyone?

SCP-XXXX: No, nobody, at all. I saw her in a dream and I felt inspired to draw her. I put actual effort into the piece for once. I felt like I was creating something worthwhile.

Dr. Goldman: Why didn't the piece become sentient?

SCP-XXXX: I do not know why. For once I was happy to see one of my creations come to life but…she just looked at me with those…dead eyes. The one fucking time I make something worthwhile and it just…[subject goes silent]

Dr. Goldman: SCP-XXXX?

SCP-XXXX: Anybody in the world would give to have my abilities, but I'm haunted with them. I'm haunted with this…CURSE…that makes me face my inadequacies as a human. The girl she is…she is perfection…and they won't let me reach it.

Dr. Goldman: They?

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