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SCP #: SCP-001, [The Sky Above The Port](

Author: not-a-seagull

This Proposal is, at the time of writing, the newest proposal, and it doesn't disappoint. Keep a spare tab of the article open first though, this is a particularly format-screwy article. Anyways, let's get into it.


Right off the bat, we get a disclaimer in big red lettering.

= SCP-001 | Technical Clearance Required =

This document exists as technical containment for an anomaly and thus does not adhere to standard SCiPNET formatting. Input 5/TECHNICAL clearance to proceed.

The document is part of the containment of SCP-001. By this point, you should prepare yourself - something fucky is going on here.

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Keter-class anomalies are par for the course for an 001 Proposal.

Special Containment Procedures: If the sky begins changing color with no prior stimuli or indication, all Foundation sites are to go onto ALERT LEVEL 7 immediately. Personnel at Site-05 and -06 are to enter ALERT LEVEL 8 and begin evaluating new methods of containing SCP-001.

The main symptom for SCP-001 setting off is the color changing randomly. The Foundation clearly takes this symptom seriously. They go on ALERT LEVEL 7 worldwide, and ALERT LEVEL 7 sounds dire. Remember, this is an 001 Proposal. Something's going to go wrong, somehow.

Site-05 has been constructed around Point Alpha. Procedure 001-ENTRY is in effect to contain SCP-001-1. A monitor containing Document 032, as well as a speaker reading the document, are to be placed at least five meters away from SCP-001-1. If SCP-001-1 swells up to 2 meters or more in diameter, the speed of the narration is to increase. This system is to have a direct cable link to the Foundation SCiPNET database at Site-06, and several redundant power generators are to ensure this system stays operational at all times.

A site has been built around Point Alpha (we can assume this is where the anomaly lies) to contain it. There's a speaker and a monitor a safe distance away from SCP-001-1, and the speaker is narrating 'Document 032' to SCP-001-1. The Foundation has taken heavy precautions to ensure that this narration never stops, with more power generators than necessary to keep feeding the system power. For some reason, the system also needs to be connected to the SCP Database.

Why does the system need a connection to the Database? What is Procedure-001-ENTRY? What is Document 032? We will get to that later.

Something noteworthy: Go on Google and inspect element the image of the sky. Go look at the alternative text, what you find may surprise you.


SCP-001 is an ongoing ZK-Class "Reality Failure" Scenario.

Oh, well there it is.

SCP-001 is going to end the universe.

SCP-001 is prevented from happening through several procedures manipulating its sub-anomalies. The only known observable symptom of SCP-001 is the sky becoming a different color; it is believed that, if SCP-001 were to progress to the point where other symptoms began to occur, it would become irreversible.

The Foundation stops SCP-001, aka *The End Of The Fucking Universe* through SCP-001-1. Notice how uncertain the Foundation is about SCP-001 in this section. They only know of one of SCP-001's symptoms, and they theorize that SCP-001 will be reversible if other symptoms rear their heads. They're not certain, and they don't know much about SCP-001. All they know is that the universe will end if they don't do anything.

SCP-001-1 is a levitating object contained within Point Alpha, a cave chamber five kilometers south of the ruins of Babylon. SCP-001-1 visually resembles a perfectly smooth sphere with a texture similar to blurred television static. Measurement instruments indicate SCP-001-1 is currently ??? meters in diameter. Solids and liquids that pass within the bounds of SCP-001-1 are replaced entirely with argon gas, giving the illusion of disappearing.

SCP-001-1 is a floating ball. It's smooth, has a strange static-y texture, and anything that goes inside it *looks like* it disappears. You might have noticed that I put question marks for the measurement of SCP-001-1. If you hop on over to the page, you will see that the measurement is constantly changing. This implies that SCP-001-1 itself is constantly changing.

SCP-001-2 is an entity that is capable of being seen within Point Alpha.

We're introduced to another entity, SCP-001-2.

SCP-001-2's manifestations are random; witnesses report seeing SCP-001-2 "past the walls of the cave." From descriptions of eyewitnesses, SCP-001-2 is humanoid in shape and large in stature, and is only visible when looking through SCP-001-1. Descriptions of SCP-001-2 vary from person to person; common features include an emaciated figure, long limbs, and prominent facial features. SCP-001-2 takes the position of lying against the wall. It is most often seen with a neutral expression; however, the expression occasionally changes to discomfort or bliss.

It appears randomly and eyewitnesses only see it through the sphere. His appearance is constantly changing, but it's commonly described as skinny, tall, and facial features that stand out - SCP-001-2's face varies. SCP-001-2 lies against a wall, and constantly seems bored, as if it were waiting for something to entertain it. Sometimes it's angry and sometimes it's happy, but mostly it's bored. Nothing to do when it's trapped in the sphere.

It has been determined from historical precedent that "entertaining" SCP-001-2 through SCP-001-1 will prevent SCP-001.

It's waiting for something to entertain it, and it doesn't like waiting. It waits for too long, and it crushes the universe in the palm of its bony little hand.


The History tab gives some backstory. We learn that even the Babylons have known about this, and that SCP-001-1 has been changing caretakers constantly. First SCP-001-1 is taken care of by some sages, then Persian monks, then a Greek guard, until it reaches the hands of an Islam group "The Society for the Containment of the Babel Demon." They give us some research logs, which tells us some information about the nature of SCP-001-1.

Literature Read: The first quatrain of the *Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam*

Result: DEMON squirms but otherwise does not react. Consistent with reading of Homer's Epics by the Chronus Guard.

The *Rubaiyat* is an old Islam text consisting of poems, and DEMON (presumably SCP-001-2) mildly disapproves of it.

Literature Read: The remaining quatrains of the *Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam*

Result: No changes from observed behavior.

SCP-001-2 doesn't mind that much.

Literature Read: A poem written by Guardian Muhammad ibn Buya'aa meant explicitly for DEMON

Result: DEMON thrashes more than usual until the cessation of the reading. ORB begins to expand until the *Genealogies of the Nobles* is read to DEMON.

SCP-001-2 doesn't like when it's talked to, and SCP-001-1 is beginning to expand. The expansion of SCP-001-1 beyond a diameter of 2 meters is remarked in the containment procedures as being a cause for concern, so we should be concerned that it is now expanding. It stops when a historical Islam book is read to it.

Literature Read: None, for 10 days

Result: ORB is observed to expand, and DEMON is observed to thrash. Externally, the sky above the camp is noted to turn a darker red color, until the *Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam* is read again.

Uh oh. The sky's turning red. This test log is where the theory of "appeasing SCP-001-2 will contain SCP-001" is confirmed. We see firsthand that SCP-001-2 is furious, thrashing wildly until he's read something.

Literature Read: *One Thousand and One Nights*

Result: DEMON ceases thrashing. New literature may be necessary to prevent further phenomena from occurring.

This is a central idea of the article, that SCP-001-2 needs novelty and original texts to remain entertained. That's where the Foundation struggles in containing SCP-001: Where are they going to get the new texts? It's answered soon, but first we tackle Incident 001-Exal.

Incident 001-Exal

On 2018-4-9, personnel with ORIA read the book *Tafsir al-Ahlam al-kabir*, or "Great Book of Interpretation of Dreams" as per normal containment of SCP-001-1. However, SCP-001-2 was observed to rapidly thrash while screaming. SCP-001-1 itself swelled from 50.3 centimeters to 3.2 meters in diameter.

This is where we see the extent of SCP-001's world-ending abilities. Notice how SCP-001-2 is thrashing and *screaming*, and how SCP-001-1 has expanded by over 600%. SCP-001-2 really didn't like the book, so much so that:

Shortly following this event, SCP-001 began to worsen. The sky worldwide turned a black/white color similar to the texture of SCP-001-1. In addition, reality bending phenomena began worldwide, causing deformed geography, the manifestation of dangerous anomalous objects and several natural disasters. This event was ended after ORIA personnel read SCP-001-1 an undisclosed number of as-of-yet unread books, which caused SCP-001-2 to stop thrashing and SCP-001 to restore to its pre-incident point. However, the damage caused by this incident was deemed enough to require an activation of [SCP-2000](

The world is turning black and anomalous shit is popping up everywhere. Incident-001 Exal only stops when it is read, what is presumably, a metric FUCKTON of texts, just to calm it down. Even then, they still have to activate SCP-2000, the Foundation's Get Out of Jail Free card.

SCP-001 poses a massive threat to the world and that is why the Foundation's top priority is to contain it. But the problem is, how are they going to contain it? As I have mentioned before, where are they going to get the texts? We get the answers in this next part.


HMCL Robinson: The usage of this thread will be for containment directives for SCP-001. In the past year that we have spent containing it, SCP-001-1's literature needs have become increasingly draconic: we can very rarely reread books without it beginning to thrash, and even then we're running out of high-quality literature to give it. We need a more long-term, reliable solution for containment. SCP-001's file has been temporarily opened up to all personnel with Level 2 clearance. Anybody can submit an idea.

The Foundation's getting desperate. They're running out of books, and have no ideas on how to contain SCP-001. They've gotten to the point where they're letting people with Level 2 clearance contribute ideas, implying that Level 2 personnel know about how the world might end. They are trying everything they can, and they don't even have that much to try.

Proposal: Use Artificial Intelligence Constructs to automatically generate new stories for SCP-001-2.

Status: \[ APPROVED \]

Result: TSATPWTCOTTTADC.aic was able to generate 10,000 volumes of stories imitating Greek literature. However, when the first was read to SCP-001-1, it began thrashing beyond acceptable measures until it was read approved reading. No further computer-generated works are to be given to SCP-001-1.

Having an AI write the texts would be incredibly convenient, but unfortunately SCP-001-1 hates AI generated texts.

There's also the mention of TSATPWTCOTTTADC. If you don't know, TSATP is someone who goes around the SCP subreddit and links to articles, similar to Marv. TSATP is commonly mistaken for a bot, and in the article itself, TSATP is the bot creating articles. Even the Proposal is named after them, TSATP standing for 'The Sky Above The Port'. Just something to think about.

Back to the article:

We get to the point where people are proposing that SCP files are read to SCP-001-1.

Let me just remind you that the Foundation values secrecy more than anything. They hide in plain sight and they take great effort to keep hiding. So much so that there are scenarios where the Foundation becomes public knowledge, and the Foundation essentially collapses. They would never jeopardize their security, and it is highly uncharacteristic for them to even think about it.

So what happens when they do?

Proposal: Read mainlist documentation for SCP-███ to SCP-001-1.

Status: \[ APPROVED \]

Reason: With SCP-001-2's recent containment breach, these measures are approved.

Result: SCP-001-2 observed to stop thrashing and stay completely still, seemingly smiling. In addition, SCP-███ was able to be read for 14 consecutive readings before SCP-001-2 resumed normal activity.

It works. Recall that the Foundation was unable to reread texts because SCP-001-2 would start to thrash wildly. The fact that they are able to read this one SCP file to SCP-001-1 and appease it for 14 consecutive readings shows promise.

The Foundation might have stumbled onto something here.

Proposal: Regularly read mainlist documentation for SCP-001-1.

Status: \[ APPROVED \]

They're sticking with this plan of reading SCP files. They don't have any options.

The Foundation starts taking actions that gradually get more and more desperate. They create 001 Proposals with 'grander implications' as they think it will be interesting for SCP-001-2. They write more articles past SCP-999. Everything works until 2022, where SCP-001-2 is sick of the SCP files, and the Foundation realizes that making more and more SCP files just isn't sustainable. They exaggerate older SCP files to buy some time, but that's only a temporary measure.

What to do now?

Proposal: Creation of a file describing SCP-001 that uses recursion to effectively be "never-ending." Psychoanalysis related to SCP-001-2's apparent "enjoyment" of works implies a slight ego and bias towards works about itself, and past strategies with this idea have worked for long periods of time. File is to be archived as a "technical" file.

Status: \[ APPROVED \]

Result: Procedure 001-ENTRY implemented. \[DATA EXPUNGED\]

I'm not going to explain this just yet.

Go on and open up a page of the proposal, right now. [Here](, I've given you a link. Scroll down all the way, don't read the article, and just open the Technical document. I want you to experience this yourself.

Have you done that? Most likely not, but I really strongly encourage you to do this. I can't explain it well enough in words, and it's just one of the coolest format screws on this site.

The Last Proposal

Again, I hope you've looked at the Technical document. If you haven't, I'm just going to cut to the chase here: it's an exact copy of the article itself. Open it up, and you get another copy of it. There's also a technical document at the bottom of the newly opened article too, open it up and you get another copy. Open, get another copy. Open, get another copy.

So what's happening here? Let's get back to the last proposal.

Proposal: Creation of a file describing SCP-001 that uses recursion to effectively be "never-ending." Psychoanalysis related to SCP-001-2's apparent "enjoyment" of works implies a slight ego and bias towards works about itself, and past strategies with this idea have worked for long periods of time. File is to be archived as a "technical" file.

Status: \[ APPROVED \]

Result: Procedure 001-ENTRY implemented. \[DATA EXPUNGED\]

This 001 entry is Document 032. It is a self-referential document that never ends, and it's being read to SCP-001-1. The Foundation has realized that SCP-001-2 particularly enjoys reading about itself, so they think up an idea, implement it, and it works. That's what Procedure 001-ENTRY is. They contain a world ending entity with a HTML trick.


TL;DR Maybe the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real SCP-001 was the real


Oh, you didn't think we were going to end there, did you? There's a lot more to this article. It's not just some Shy Guy-lookin fuck reading SCP articles, nononono. This article is *META.* There are many different interpretations of this article, but my personal take:

SCP-001-2 is the reader as a collective. Think about it: the entity is described as having many faces because we have many different faces, enjoys reading SCPs because we enjoy reading SCPs.

I'd like to take some time to highlight how SCP-001-2 is described as being 'past the walls of the cave'. We are on a different plane of existence compared to the Foundation entirely. In a sense, there is a distinct boundary separating us and the Foundation. We're unreachable to them. That's why we're past the walls of the cave, because being 'past the walls of the cave' is a metaphor for being unreachable.

Why would we have power over the Foundation's universe? Because we write them. We write what the Foundation does - we are basically their gods. They appease us by making SCPs for us to read, embellishing stories to be more enjoyable, hell, even making new ones completely. They are our *bitch*. If the Foundation doesn't give us what we want, we can destroy them, but we don't, because they're entertaining.

As readers, we crave novelty, too. Rereading the same thing over and over again gets tiring after a while, no matter what it is. That's why SCP-001-2 is depicted as wanting new texts, because the Foundation is something he has come to expect entertainment from. When SCP-173 came out, it was interesting, well-written, and more importantly, it was new. We were hooked. The same thing happened to SCP-001-2; when it was first given an SCP article, it reread it 14 times. It was hooked.

But then, what is SCP-001-1? It's the Foundation website. In the article, it is how SCP-001-2 gets the SCP files to read. Similarly, the website is where we get our SCPs, too. It's made of a black, blurred television static-like material. My interpretation of this is that it's similar to a screen. It's how real SCP files get transported to our world, through our screens. Finally, note that anything placed inside the sphere disappears into argon gas. It does not make much sense that something real can be transported from the SCP world into ours, so it just doesn't happen. It's not teleported to our world or anything like that, it just goes away because the rules of the SCP world don't allow cross-world transportation.

Also, notice that the sky starts changing when SCP-001 is set off. We're gods to the Foundation - gods are commonly represented as being up in the sky, looking down on us. It would make sense that we would be able to change the sky.


There's something I haven't mentioned.

It has passed some \[space/time\].

The \[UNKNOWN: gaera\] has passed. It \[has had/used to be\] fun. It is \[time/space\] to leave.

You cannot \[stay/root/hold\] yourself forever.

The \[UNKNOWN: gaera\] has passed. You \[must/will\] awaken.

Why have I not mentioned this?

Because I have no fucking clue what it is what the fuck are daevites doing in this article like actually


So, to summarize everything:

The SCP world entertains us (SCP-001-2) through their website (SCP-001-1) because we can - [and have]( \- destroy them (SCP-001).

  1. Conclusion

This proposal is a fuckin good one and I recommend you read it if you haven't already. There's just something so clever about the infinitely looping article. It's the same thing with [Fishhook](, the concept is just clever that you can't help but just stare in awe. Once again, go read it. Thanks for reading the declass <3

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