Shut This Down

05-2 was looking over M.T.F. reports and papers. Keen eyes reading over casualties and mission ratings. Two wondered where he needed to improve the training. He wished he could entirely eliminate casualties. But other than Tau-5 everyone was bound by human reflex. So in the end, not everyone would have a chance or be able to get saved.

However these thoughts and pondering where interrupted by an indirect call from Someone at the G.O.C. and the U.I.U. How odd. He didn’t recall sending for a joint operation any time recently. And surely this wouldn’t be about some past request. And he normally didn’t deal with the U.I.U. unless it was to see what benign anomalies they would deal with for the foundation. The wizards could be one of the other O5’s concerns for all he cared.

Hmm, courtesy should be taken after all he would not want them to leave him on the line. He chose to accept to see what could possibly be going on. As a chairman of the G.O.C. and the director of the U.I.U. meet him on the other end he addressed them as his equals.

“Gentlemen! What is the occasion? I find this unprecedented.”
Two spoke up first, finding this ordeal unusual.

“Well, we’ve been following that anomalous group and found them. We are ready to move in for the kill but we have to get permission from the U.I.U. here, or you in order to override them.”

“So you do not approve Director?”

“I said I would agree as long as you helped out. And you both defer to my agency for rules of engagement.”

“Yes, bureaucrats telling us how to protect the world from the anomalous” the chairman spat with distaste.

“Steady now Chairman. They are hiding in a large metropolitan area. Such tactics normally employed would mean issuing an entire city with amnestics. So the U.I.U. would be required anyway.”
Two responded with a disciplined grace to keep the other two from fighting.

“Not to mention the group is spread out over the city.”

“Well, let us get whatever we need to lay down done so we can commence this operation.”

“We need to orchestrate a plan this city from becoming aware of-of this operation. Any proposals on avoiding a broken Masquerade event?”

“Let our division handle that. I think I’ve got the perfect thing.”

~ Hours before the Operation ~

Two had taken great pain and effort to make this forward command post and the operation plan through and detailed. With all the moving parts it wasn’t easy. But he was the second 05 for a reason. Macro-managing M.T.F.s, G.O.C. squads, and U.I.U. specialists into locations around the city and their objectives and routes through the city was a tiresome business.

As well as which anomalous individuals were where, and they still had only a vague idea of where their hideout was. Which he was sure would also be where they would hide the anomalous items in their possession. Labor of pure effort. He had put the most qualified M.T.F. to lead the charge, City Slickers, and other M.T.F.s he trusted Such as M.T.F. Freak Show, and the more reputable ones.

Officially this was a U.I.U. effort that would be a great success. unofficially, The G.O.C. and Foundation could maintain plausible deniability, and could easily stay out of the public the light of the public eye if this all went sideways.

All the weapons had to be silenced. No incendiary grenades, nothing explosive except concussions and Flashbangs. And unmarked vehicles that could easily vanish should they be recorded.

Two would much rather be on the ground, in the midst of the action, but he also wanted to see a well-made plan come together. This group would be caught, captured, or flushed from its hole under his watch and he would ensure it would be the first and second before the third.

With the pieces set, and the majority of the public blissfully unaware due to U.I.U. efforts the operation was ready to begin.

Most SCPs were dangerous but usually only had their effect to protect them. Once you knew what to do it was only a matter of caution. However, he’d been hunting this little group for years. They’re members often changed, either from casualty or because they moved on. However, the ones who’d been around longest were well known. But still, they remained out of control.

Unlike most anomalies they had Human intelligence, and while a god was dangerous, or while anomalies would slaughter the first man in the room, a human knew how to draw you where, and when, they didn’t need a memetic to fool you, which was dangerous since they’d all been properly dosed to protect from such a hazard. However, they knew what you would do in response, they could learn a lot quicker, and they always knew how to surprise. However, while this would save someone for so long. The danger was that they were a group. They knew their anomalies and some of them had worked together for years.

There was a reason why normal anomalies had either a duo, squad, or an Entire MTF assigned, even with numbers they were the same. But what could you do when anomalies or wildly different powers could communicate and work together? One word a shit show. One that happens every time. He watched two UIU agents stack up to once side GOC on the other, and a foundation squad begin to rappel onto the roof. It was like this at every entrance, soon they’d storm in they were ready.


The lock came off. And the door came down and together they poured into a pitch dark room, as flashlights, night vision, and thermal equipment came on, there was a wide variety of

“Well, we’re fucked.”
“But it’s my first day!”

As the lights came on and began to rapidly pulse,’ fucking strobe lighting the groups as they walked in. They bunched up and immediately someone began trying to shoot out the lights. They were wholly blinded.


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