steve's void
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art by athos aka big stinky nerd

Only I can scream here, no one else, if I catch you screaming I'll punt you into the void and I doubt you would want that. :V

I like retro, birds and giant robots.

Stuff I plan to do eventually, or am doing…

➢ 3 part series surrounding Alistair (rough draft 2/3 done)
➢ spooky mall SCP collab with a fren (started)
➢ steve milk:tm: collab with athos (current status unknown)
➢ critter profile about mr eel (for the funsies)
➢ vaporwave SCP (will do when more experienced)
➢ revamp jamcon entry to revolve around old scifi akin to star Trek

(mmmmm time to get 4 bars of karma)

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