The Leak — SCP Series 5 and 6



Blutfahne (4000 entry) isn't longer mainly because writing it made me feel icky and I wanted to be done with it ASAP. Every log is significant, even the World War I one (the universal opposition to German reunification is a strong and persistent theme in all 4000-A instances).



Let me be clear on this: The leader of MTF Gamma-1 did NOT die in SCP-4099. Also, the entities contained within the underground facility are now free. With the only thing separating them from the outside world being a kilometer of bedrock.



Sid Cassidy is still alive. Moreover, he cannot ever die by conventional means. He is somewhere out in a barrel in Lake Michigan, still alive, without having had a lungful of air for almost a century. Every piece of his flesh is cut from him, only to instantly regrow. He will remain like this until someone frees him, or else until Chicago ceases to exist.

The Chicago Spirit really doesn't like it when employees skim earnings.

Also, whatever killed Metzinger ultimately caused his body to disappear as well.



The object was recovered from PoI-3984(1) in Szczecyn, Poland, who had previously used the object to provide comfort for his mother(2).

1. SCP-3984

2. Only "sentient minds lacking normal sensory input" can perceive SCP-4322 transmissions.

After being deemed safe, O5-4(3) approved full deployment and reclassified SCP-4322 as Thaumiel.

3. SCP-3448

After this individual's body expired, their brain was moved to a standard mind-interface capsule per Foundation interment protocol.(4)

4. He didn't expire, his body expired.

Since its activation, it is estimated that the object has lessened the suffering of over twelve million disembodied brains.(5)

5. SCP-4725



dado isn't really dead after Incident DADO/FINAL.



Shock lies at least once in her backstory.


Researcher Calloway

SCP-4920 is a metaphor for death. You can't avoid it, it will get you eventually. Everyone rides the train eventually. But the other message it sends is that spending your whole life running from it will make you miserable, always paranoid, and you'll still ride the train in the end. It is a message about acceptance, and death being a natural thing, and about the man who figured it out.

I wrote this based off my experience with my Grandfather. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 71, and died a few months later. He didn't want us to let his death control us, he wanted us to remember him for the positive experiences we had. He was very calm about it, never angry or frustrated, simply accepting that he had had a good life, and it was finally ending.

He didn't run from the train. When it comes for me, I don't think I will either.



SCP-4948 isn't really neutralized; the entity just got what it wanted.

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