The Spark [Monkatraz]
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Item#: XXXX
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Spectral cross-section of an SCP-XXXX instance. Prominence over the baseline suggests deactivation is occurring. A craniotomy was performed on the subject in order to expose the structure.

Special Containment Procedures
The intrinsic effects of SCP-XXXX means that the containment or neutralization of its numerous instances would jeopardize the normalcy and standard functioning of humanity. Regardless, use of routine primary containment controls would be logistically infeasible. Alternative containment procedures have been drafted that mitigate the logistical and ethical concerns - but none are presently approved for implementation.

06/2/1998: A test-run of the Bohm-Pribram [Interference Neutralization] procedures within a real-world environment has been approved.

01/12/2000: Please note: The above section of the containment procedures has been nullified. Reclassification of SCP-XXXX is in process, and new summarized procedures have not been inserted.

The ubiquity of SCP-XXXX instances ensures a constant threat of public detection. All public research related to SCP-XXXX is to be suppressed. Certain bodies of research will consistently require suppression, e.g. neuroscience. At the moment, the only known ways of affecting or detecting SCP-XXXX is protected Foundation technology1. Outside detection will likely involve unique experimental methods.

It is critical that an individual's SCP-XXXX instance is kept in a nominal state. Personnel are to have their cranial lining examined and tested before allowing interaction with Hume field anomalies. Scranton Reality Anchors included - an SRA can permanently neutralize an SCP-XXXX instance if the cranial lining is compromised. Cranial lining test equipment is to be provided to the Foundation Medical Department for this purpose.

Individuals affected by a significantly irregular SCP-XXXX instance are to be cautiously monitored, especially if the instance is hyperactivated. Psychiatric treatment is to be provided once conditions stabilize.

Reality-benders inadvertently created by SCP-XXXX hyperactivation are to be terminated. Individuals affected in this matter are extremely dangerous to themselves and others, and have expired in a catastrophic matter in all observed cases, regardless of treatment.

12/5/1996: Research of SCP-XXXX requires Ethics Committee and O5 Council approval.

SCP-XXXX instances are enormously complex, self-sustaining regions of evolving Hume2 potential3. These instances are always usually spatially locked to within some region of a host entity. In human hosts, this region is the brain's volume. SCP-XXXX instances have only been detected within human hosts.

In the context of humans, experimentation and statistical analysis has shown strong functional connectivity between an SCP-XXXX system and its host individual. This connectivity has been narrowed down into direct associations with various human phenomena, including:

  • Developmental disorders, e.g autism.
  • Emotional relationships between humans. Strongest correlation is with empathy.
  • Response to strong emotions, such as grief.
  • Out-of-body experiences.
  • Thought processes related self-conceptualization, such as self-image and personal identity.
  • Memory recall of past experience, and the conscious awareness of current experience.




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