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Item #: SCP-XXXX


SCP-XXXX: Bishop Vincenzo Rozia

Special Containment Procedures: As the object has been neutralized, no containment is necessary.

Due to the short length of time between discovery and termination, no containment procedures were developed for SCP-XXXX. Should any personnel encounter an entity displaying similar characteristics, refer to Communications Pamphlet #4: Foreign Diplomatic Agents for legal and bureaucratic diversionary tactics, and engage an incident response unit as quickly as possible.

Description: SCP-XXXX was a diplomatic representative of the Holy See who was capable of manipulating massive amounts of Akiva radiation1 in order to supplement their strength and durability, as well as make directed energy attacks. Although the origin of these abilities remains unverified, circumstances attribute their existence to their diplomatic status as granted by the Vatican. See log attachments for additional details.


On 2017-11-20, a representative of The Holy See, as well as two GOC representatives, were scheduled to arrive at Site-77 and negotiate access to several Vatican relics. Several hours prior to their arrival, Foundation International Relations were notified that Bishop Vincenzo Rozia would be replacing the original Vatican delegate as they had suddenly fallen ill.

At approximately 13:10, Bp. Rozia, the GOC delegates, and multiple Foundation representatives sat down in the mess hall for lunch during a break in the negotiations. At approximately 13:25, a Foundation liaison entered the mess hall and brought a diplomatic communique to Bp. Rozia. The communique was examined prior to being given to the Bishop; it contained advisements about the Bishop's per diem, confirmation of hotel reservations, and notarized confirmation of his newly granted diplomatic status.

After Bishop Rozia read the communique, he began laughing and tucked the letter into his jacket. As he rose from his seat, a bright white light began radiating from his hands increasing in luminosity until all cameras were rendered inoperable. Internal thaumaturgical alarms triggered the site to enter 'Code Red'. Security and containment teams were dispatched to contain the situation.

Several minutes later, response teams arrived at the mess by adjacent corridor access. Although the event was not recorded directly, audio detected multiple gunshots. Several members of the security team were ejected down the hallway at a high rate of speed, eventually followed by SCP-XXXX whose hands continued to glow with a bright white-yellow light. Despite the firefight, SCP-XXXX appeared unharmed and continued deeper into Site-77.

By approximately 14:00, SCP-XXXX had reached the Computer Science wing. The entity was briefly stopped by the controlled access security doors which lead further in. The unidentified white-yellow light briefly flared as the doors, security glass, and other impediments rapidly oxidized and crumbled to dust.

At approximately 14:20, SCP-XXXX reached the barriers leading to the Research & Laboratory wing where he bypassed impediments in a similar manner as before. Waiting within, a single, unarmed Foundation negotiator intercepted SCP-XXXX. Their interaction is recorded below:

Burrows: "Hello, Bishop Rozia, my name is Arthur Burrows and I'm a Foundation negotiator. How are you today?"

SCP-XXXX: "Hello, my son. I hope you will rethink this situation and take your leave while you still can." Bp. Rozia closes the distance at a slow walk.

Burrows: "That's what I wanted to talk to you about, actually. Where is it that you're headed? What is it that you are after?"

SCP-XXXX: "Mr. Burrows, I appreciate your situation but you must know that you cannot impede me. I've spent my whole career developing the contacts necessary to infiltrate the Vatican and orchestrate my presence here today. There is no tomorrow for me, but unfortunately, there might be for you."

Burrows: "Your Excellency, if you tell us where you are going I can have the way cleared to minimize our losses."

SCP-XXXX: "I could tell you and you might keep your word. Or you might stack the deck in my way. I'll say it again though, you cannot stop me. Nothing you've put in my way has even made me so much as flinch."

Burrows: "Not even those agents you've killed?"

SCP-XXXX: At this, Bp. Rozia looks down and away, visibly upset. "I respect the sanctity of life, but they are at peace with God now. I will not and cannot be stopped; surely you must realize this? When you become La Spada…you accept that certain deeds must be done for the salvation of all. Please. Step out of my way, Mr. Burrows. Don't make this any harder for me than it already has been."

Burrows: The agent turns to the side and takes a step back against the wall. "Please, Vincenzo. Help me save a few of the men and women in your way. If your Holy Orders meant anything at all, choose to save lives."

SCP-XXXX: SCP-XXXX stops just prior to exiting the frame and looks back over his shoulder. "I've come for your Shofar."

Burrows: The agent waits for the entity to leave before pressing on his earpiece communicator. "Did you catch that, Ops? We need to get the Vatican on the phone ASAFP."

Several minutes later, SCP-XXXX arrived at a defensive kill-corridor set up in the transition between the Research wing and the Containment wing. Anti-tank guns, claymore mines, flamethrowers, a variety of deadly nerve agents, and the transmission of a lethal cognitohazard were all deployed in an attempt to stop SCP-XXXX. They were unsuccessful. Members of the MTF withdrew as their ammo was expended except for the battalion commander, who continued to fire at SCP-XXXX using her service pistol.

SCP-XXXX reached the commander and placed his hands on her face. As massive amounts of Akiva radiation and white-yellow light began to pour out of the subject's eyes and mouth, the following exchange was recorded:

MTF Commander: "What…are you?…"

SCP-XXXX: "You poor, impatient soul. I am the Sword of Christ, and I have diplomatic immunity."

SCP-XXXX executed the agent, melted the security doors, and continued into the Containment wing. At this time, Overwatch Command approved the launch of a 8.0 megaton nuclear missile intended to destroy SCP-42612 and prevent its seizure by SCP-XXXX. The missile was launched with an estimated flight time of six minutes and twelve seconds.

The general lockdown was sounded as Site-77 prepared for neutralization. The activation of local alarms prompted SCP-XXXX to break into a run as he searched through the Containment wing, destroyed security barriers, and entered the object storage vault. Five minutes remain.

While SCP-XXXX was searching for his ultimate target, Agent Burrows was able to catch up to SCP-XXXX and attempted to divert or stall the entity from its goal.

SCP-XXXX: "Ah, Mr. Burrows, welcome back." Bp. Rozia slows down to engage the Agent.

Burrows: "Your Excellency we don't have a lot of time to avoid annihilation. I need you to stand down, please. For the sake of all of the lives that will be lost if you don't in the four minutes and change."

SCP-XXXX: "You realize the futility of asking me this when I am but a minute from my goal? Mr. Burrows, I have betrayed the institution that I love…betrayed the colleagues that have supported and mentored and that I have given decades of my life to…so that I may save this world from itself and spare the faithful the coming apocalypse. If you think that I am not willing to let your vault of secrets burn in the pursuit of my end then you have not been paying attention.

<SITE PA:> "Nuclear Detonation in <FOUR MINUTES>. Please refrain from external communications at this time; your next of kin will be notified in accordance with international law."

Burrows: "You betrayed them to do this? Wait…Internation law…that's…that's it!" Agent Burrow presses his earpiece, "Ops, tell them to revoke it, tell the Vatican to revoke it right n—" He is cut off as SCP-XXXX closes the distance and lifts the agent off of the ground, choking him.

SCP-XXXX: "La Spada di Cristo! I am the Sword of Christ! Through me, the righteous will ascend. Through me, the way is opened to the Word of the Lamb! Look into my eyes, Mr. Burrows, and see the salvation of all of God's faithful brought to its much-deserved fruition." Agent Burrows gurgles and chokes inaudibly as SCP-XXXX's hand increases in luminosity, but then the light dulls back to a soft glow.

SCP-XXXX: "But you…" SCP-XXXX releases Agent Burrows and tosses him backward against the wall. "It would be wrong of me to send you on ahead before the test of faith. Let us blow the shofar and see if you are worthy of joining, or if you must suffer through the end of all things here with the rest of the faithless. I don't suppose you're a man of God, are you, Mr. Burrows? That's about to become a very important question."

SCP-XXXX punches a nearby wall, the concrete and steel crumbling into dust and revealing the containment chamber for SCP-4261. The entity begins disabling the Scranton Reality Anchors which surround the object using physical force.

<SITE PA:> "Nuclear Detonation in <TWO MINUTES>. Please refrain from external communications at this time; your next of kin will be notified in accordance with international law."

Overwatch: "Burrows? Burrows, are you there?"

Burrows: "…Go ahead, command."

Overwatch: "It's done, it's being notarized right now. They've disavowed him."

SCP-XXXX punches through the housing of the fifth (of seven) SRA's but it is not destroyed. The entity withdraws his fist from the SRA's housing to reveal it is no longer glowing and his flesh is badly lacerated. SCP-XXXX begins to stutter and mumble as he clutches at his hand while Agent Burrows rises to his feet.

Burrows: "Hey, Your Excellency. You remember that diplomatic immunity?" He unholsters his service pistol.

SCP-XXXX turns toward Agent Burrows, his lower lip trembling as he clutches his wounded hand.

Burrows: "It's just been revoked."

Agent Burrows shoots Bishop Rozia three times in the chest and he falls down, motionless.

Burrows: "Overwatch please tell me we can abort that nuclear strike?"

<SITE PA:> "Nuclear Detonation in <ONE MINUTE>. Please refrain from external communications at this time; your next of kin will be notified in accordance with international law."

Burrows: "Overwatch? Hello? Anyone, do you copy me?"

<SITE PA:> "Nuclear Detonation in <THIRTY SECONDS>. Please refrain—"

<SITE PA:> "Nuclear lockdown has been aborted. Instructions for the restoration of operations will be distributed to your site shortly. Thank you and have a pleasant day."

Although the Vatican has transmitted all requested personnel information to the Foundation, our petitions to form joint investigations into this matter have so far been denied.

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Name: "Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest Ivan Dacko"
Source/Author: Rev. Fr. Ivan Dacko Personal Archive

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