What must be done

Part 5: What Must be done

So far everything has been going well. The warehouse has worked out perfectly. But still, he couldn’t shake the feeling. They needed to move soon. That should be the next week's agenda. It was time to start prepping extra bases to run to.

However, currently, some people had stopped coming to the meetings. While he wanted them to become normal to hopefully vanish from the foundation’s radar. Which had worked for some people, and was an option some of their numbers couldn’t afford, was working well enough. Even if it meant having to cut ties with former members.

“My Esteemed Mr.Glass, Mr.Trask, and Mr.Piper have we had any problems this week?” Kyle’s voice spoke and commanded his inner circle with authoritarian ease.

“Just someone snooping around. Seems normal but could be a foundation implant. However, we can’t confirm.” a smooth succulent voice answered.

“Is he with us?”
A gruff harsh voice replied.

“Of course Mr. Glass?”
There was a shattering sound as the young man was brought in from a mirror. Glass covered the man’s body. Showing that the Mister did not take kindly to the fellow

“What do we have on this man?”
Kyle posed the question to the group.

“No. he’s blank so he is either normal or foundation. Everything seems to check out all the way down his loving wife.” the calming voice answered.

Kyle looks down at this man, who had been phishing around for information on them. What should he do? He could use his power on him. His gift from whatever deity made this universe. Or should he have Trask use some physical coercion?

“Alright here is what’s going to happen, pal. You will tell me everything you know about us and this place and who you work for understand?”
With a hesitant nod, he opens his mouth but can’t seem to get the words out With fire in his eyes, he pierces the man with a stare.

“Calm down and talk.”
As simple as that he began to spill. James Harper, which wasn’t the name they’d found on his ID, and he was indeed a foundation implant, as they had suspected. Raising the question of what should they do with him. Killing, locking him up or feeding him to Mikale, and Zurkev would all be great options but he also had to check in.

“Can we wipe his memory?” Kyle tried to explore some other avenue to deal with this problem.

“We have no one and nothing that can do such a thing. We’d have to steal Amnestics from the foundation itself.” Came a reply from the smooth voices Piper.

“So then I will have to handle this myself.” Kyle sighed and looked at the man in the eye. He was calm, despite bodily harm, a shame he would break this man in an unknowable way.

“You won’t be telling anyone about us do you understand?”

He put his hand on the spy’s shoulders. The calm demeanor cracked and he hastily nodded.

“Mr. Glass get him out of here,” Kyle commanded of his inner circle member.

A shattering sound again could be heard as the man was dragged out of the room he would be returning to his post, unable to give anything useful to the foundation now. It was time to leave and see how everyone is doing. Only something is wrong, as he gets ready for Glass to come back, was that someone with him?

He watches the Glass of the Mirror stretch out as Mr. Glass and Mikale steps out. Of course, he looked different as usual. He raised a brow.

“Mikale is that you?” Kyle looked towards the mirror.

“A U.I.U. A strike team is in the city. They’re sweeping in from the west. But I'm almost certain it's the G.O.C. they're killing people we know without hesitation.” He panted tiredly he looked half his size, which was odd even for him.

“Th-they nearly had me a couple of times, I-I’d rush down a street to get away from one group to run into another. Luckily I think I lost them. ” Mikale continued his explanation of the situation.

This was a terrible time to have GOC and UIU on them, morale was just bringing to climb. With this news though, the time for cheer and respite was over. A fire has been light under them and it was an all-consuming flame that could only be avoided for now. Maybe one day he could extinguish this flame.

“Piper! Get everything moving! Evacuate immediately! Mr. Trask! Get our able-bodies ready to fight to cover the retreat as needed! Mr. Glass and Mr.Mikale round up our number who aren’t here and get them out of this city safely!” These were Kyle’s orders and they would be carried out for the better of the group.

The orders were given, there came a great scrambling to get people and objects moving. Panic would surely burst out once the news was broken. Yet despite whatever the initial desire of the individual they would be stuck together. At least until their group was destroyed. However, he hoped today was not that day.

Part 6: Time to Bail

The air was hot and thick. Not outside but inside. Inside his little world, his head and face. Thick with phosphorus Nitrogen and Sulfur. Quite a toxic blend for normal people. Sadly he couldn’t enjoy the normal air. Oxygen left a nasty burn inside his longs, and carbon carb made it feel as if he couldn’t breathe. A thick heavy metal had set it. It wasn’t toxic just uncomfortable, miserable.

He dreamed of the World Wars. The grenades, the N°64, flares, the thick has grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Stielhandgranate grenade, Big Bertha, the Paris gun, fireworks, all the things that shook the world with what terrible woe. Peace, bliss, ecstasy! Supernovae and hypernovae and the biggest of all, when a black hole finally died, a bang to shake the entirety of the universe. Then back smaller to the mushroom clouds forming over two Japanese cities. Then so far his greatest masterpiece, Hydrogen. He was still striving, for a bang to make the whole universe balk under the force, a force so strong all others would seem infinitesimal in comparison.

He had made the worst inventions mankind had unleashed upon each other all in the hope of peace. It was foolish. Truly foolish. His masterworks hadn’t been made to deter them from being used, one day he’d make it into the silo, and again experience the growth that came only from his strongest of bombs.

This was his sublime inner world. Filled with all his pretty creations and explosions. He’d started just trying to make people happy. Now he was a widower who would take from both the world and others. A sad fall, but all an honest mistake.

The thoughts and his dreaming were stopped as someone smacked him on the mask, rubber warm and worn connected to his sickly skin which had long been sun deprived. He had half a mind to kill whoever he flicked his opens open to.

He awoke like so many times before. His red irises blooming to life, his peripheral vision cut off by a gas mask, Ray was standing over him.

“Time to go!” She smacks her hands together for Emphasis, he looks behind her to see Kayana tapping at her watch.

“OPEN THE WALL come on now we have to GO!!” Ray exclaimed to him

“All hands to battlestations I take it?”
Jackson piped up.

DOGDEDDIPSHIT!” The irritating voice of Felix berated and sarcastically informed him of the situation. With a huff, he popped up and pulled off his gloves.

“Alright come on! Move it, Jackson!”

Jackson was his current name. The one he’d been using with this body. He’d change it when he had to get a new one.

“Piss off!” Jackson hissed at them.

It took him a moment… He rubbed his hands on the walls, turning them effectively into bombs, just waiting for the proper signal to detonate.

Ray gave her little Nagy, her child, to another woman, if he looked behind he would’ve known it was Tollillian. However he didn’t, and he didn’t watch to see them fall through the floor to get a head start. Always the overprotective mother he would’ve thought. However, this didn’t arise.

He snapped his fingers and watches the wall detonate despite not being explosive. Debris went everywhere, he was pretty sure he felt something stick inside the guts of his meat suit. Once the dust Cleared he heard the cry.

“Anyone not needed to cover the retreat, go!” He watched as Kayana, in her attempt to get going, passed him. She had been so ready for that wall to fall. He watched her, she was already feet ahead of everyone who was supposed to get going. She was barely leading them, it’s almost like she was running from fear. He brushed the thought away. He turned as he watched who went where,

Piper was telling who needed to go where, in other words, who was allowed to flee and who have to stay. The only person who should be running who wasn’t was Sketch. It wasn’t his name but he never bothered to learn so he stuck a tag on what he guessed was a 19-year-old artist. Only one side of his face wasn’t covered. And he was painting Cognito hazards and reality-altering glyphs on the wall, then a mural, it was both to leave a marker, but it was also his anomalous effect. His art came to life, and he was painting another exit to draw their pursuers away. Clever bastard.

He turned to the cooks who were hobbling past, being the slowest since they had to haul off the things needed to make meals, he looked at the last, Ara.

“Have something nice for me when I get back.” He told him simply. It was opposite to his normal teasing of her food being bad. He hoped at this moment she could tell he was being serious.

Again he’d been dawdling and again Ray gave him a jab, this time in the chest.

“Come on Mr. Explosalicious scuttling charges!”

She demanded angrily. He huffed and opened his knapsack and began pulling out various explosive devices all crafted to perfection. Time to rig up this place. If all else failed, just to delay the GOC.

Part 10: When will we do this Again?
Running in darkness, it was always such a dangerous thing.However, the empty wheelchair was right ahead and as long as the Squeaking continued, there was nothing to trip over. He just had to remain aware of where the water was.

Sketch huffed and puffed, this was beginning to remind him of the times he ran from the police as a child after tagging a building or just finished a mural.

Of course, they had to be removed. They were anomalous and this a threat to whatever tenuous believes that held the foundation together and kept it going. So again he ran through the dark and awful smelling sewers like a road runner.

This was simply life. Anything to survive outside of a prison cell, or anything to avoid the furnace of the G.O.C. He just wanted to draw and bring life,

The hot and warm breath surrounded him, he could hear the panting, suddenly a splash, they had to make a sharp turn. He steeped and felt there was no ground. He twisted wrong, and let out a cry of pain as he fell back.

Hands surrounded him, someone picked him up, and he hopped on one leg down the hallway he could feel his sweat as well as the sweat of the others. Everything was stressed and tense. Finally, they could see the light, and Kayan’s voice called out.

“Almost there you guys!”
It became a desperate scramble as they rushed the exit. They were finally safe, they stepped into wet disgusting and sewage, they crossed the water to push into a drainage pipe that had been blown open by Jackson weeks ago. They had to lay down and crawl through the waste to get through. They emerged in some woods. They were just past the suburbs of the city. He wondered how far they had gone in the dark?

Quite a few people were dragged out having to hit things in the dark. They were here safely, at the rally point. They could finally take a break and wait for the others before moving on.

Fin~ ( That concludes the prologue of this GOI)

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